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July 28, 2009

A Typical Conversation with my Roommate

How a typical conversation with my roommate goes.. (hes in penang and im in Kajang)

Hong Ken Wai
Chatting On Skype:

Gan: hong
Gan: how are you man?

ken wai: i am gd man
ken wai: sorry felt asleep already ytd
Gan: lol
Gan: good good

ken wai: its a noob movie man
ken wai: lol

Gan: idiot roommate, how are you?
ken wai: i am gd
ken wai: man
ken wai: bt kinda busy
ken wai: talk to u next time
Gan: wth
Gan: idiot la you
Gan: tc man!
Gan: i should be coming to penang around the 4th of aug
Gan: better keep yourself free
ken wai: lol
ken wai: i might be working
ken wai: c how
ken wai: take care
Gan: wth?
Gan: you working?
Gan: wth!
Gan: idiot
Gan: tc!
ken wai: kk
ken wai: bb

And now, thats why i miss him. Lol. Miss ya mate. ;)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

July 15, 2009

Chilling Falls!

So yeah, went to Chilling Falls near Kuala Kubu Bharu, KKB.
With Eu Jhin and his 2 IMU (or soon to be) friends.

Eu Jhin, Reviek, Chris, Myself... 4 Medical students... on a road trip, had to be fun right? indeed it was. A total change of our nerdy surrounding...

Breakfast at KKB to get the energy for the hike... Cheap and good!

Oh boy, i tell you it was soooooo nice!!! the feeling of walking in a tropical rain forest with high humidity, wet ground, 6 river crossings from shallow to deep ones, to the short sharp trees and plants scratching and brushing, climbing over tree stumps, and crawling under fallen trees, to jumping puddles of mud, swimming, diving... and the scenery as a whole...Awesome!

Where we had our breakfast...

A Dam along the drive up to Chilling from KKB... Scenery: Fantastic!

I havent done Anything like this in the past 10 months. A Refresher it was, felt soo good after that. Oooh, i sooo missed Nature being in a concrete jungle seeing nothing but buildings and owh, not to forget medical school notes... Thank you EU JHIN!!!!!

Gearing up to head up... to the falls.

Seal our bags valuables we had to as we were going through 6 river crossings Up, and then 6 again, Down. That was really fun!

The sight of the awaited waterfall. Ive seen better, but this was worth it for the hike we had up... I expected the fall to be bigger, but im not complaining, it was great!

Here is where we all, and i really mean "ALL" almost drowned!!! We went into the CHILLING cold water, Reviek tried swimming on his own to see why he cant seem to float (buoyancy), then he lost it for a bit, then Chris went to help him out, but he himself is such a small size, so he was being dragged to drown himself, and finally to get out he pushed reviek as reflex and moved out from drown zone. Then Eu jhin went to help reviek as he now was drowning, and reviek pulled him in too, and then eu jhin grabbed me as a reflex by the shoulder and i couldnt help pull the 3 of us up, so i was sinking tooo. Until when eu jhin said, RELAX! then all of us floated up... lol.

Quite eventful. All 3 of us could be under the water now actually... lol. The best part, we didnt really cry for help, so no one came to help us. they tght we were playing or something i guess.

So after a swim, we went to eat what we brought there, I made Breadrolls (well, mum made (karipap like)) but i take credit for bringing. Lol. And then, we had Pringles, and 7Up Revive... That was a light lunch, very light.

Sat down a while while enjoying the nature from a rock which to us is the Best Seat in the House, and then in a small stream nearby.

Then headed back into the falls, now to dive! Yeap! climmed up the slippery rocks and Dived in. Awesome! Cut my toe in the process too... Oh well, hikes always toughen you up, the more the scars, the tougher you're said to be...Works In life too eh? ;)

Packed up and headed down... another hour plus hike down now...

On The way down

We went through all sorts of terrains... All. Fun in All too...

River Crossing One, The shallowest... This is after coming down... OFF TO LUNCH! At KKB again.
Toweled down, And then back to PJ with the Help of Revieks Garmin (GPS). Which proved to be soooo helpful man... SOOO!!!

Headed home and went out with Eu Jhin and Reviek for an Italian Dinner he said it was good, Pizza Bella Italian i think it was called. I had a light dinner, and then headed back home dead Tired... DEAD TIRED!

All in all, a great trip, and no regrets. Would certainly go for another one! ;)

PS: more cun pics to follow, its in Eu Jhin and Chris's cameras...

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

July 6, 2009

What have i been doing?

Owh darnit, Im back from Bali, and what am i doing? still under self Quarantine. Anyways! no more time to waste, time to go all out with the holidays! Its soo hard to lay low when i know im soo near to all of you guys but yet, wanna stay indoors for a few days.

ANYWAYS! Now, its over, Time to fly out, like a free bird. Do all that i want! It starts tmrw! Hopefully by going out with bro. Hopefully, if hes free. Then on, all the way. Need to spice up the holidays. Been too much at home thinking and emo-ing a lil. Time to move on. Life needs to be lived.

And joe is coming back tmrw! That should mark my kajang niggas (including white assed ones) reuniting. Mamaks, futsal, outings, soo looking forward to.

A levels peeps, most of you on holiday! im coming out to get ya! Not on holiday? who cares. still lets go out!!!

RCSI-ans, Reunite at home, we need to! and Ms. Ang, Happy 21st Birthday!

Dance practice still goes on, but thats another side story which is more of a hangout time rather than an excruciating practice.

Love ya all loads.

Food For Thought: Friendship follows no rules, and has No formalities. Thats the only rule.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.