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February 20, 2010

Update Feb 2010

Just felt like blogging. Now in 2 weeks, we have learnt 25 lectures approx with the WHOLE FREAKING basics of pathology and microbiology!! gosh,. thats loads!!! :( and each lecture was given in an one hour class, and it has 60 slides!

So yes, that has been life so far... lately i'd say i've been emotionally fragile, just get emo or upset over the slightest thing. god knows whats wrong with me. But oh well, im recovering. realised theres no point really, emotional distress or upset is the least i can afford now. Each time, i just end up going to sleep or wasting my hours stonning, or doing something that does not involve studying. sigh. oh well :)

Anyways, Happy CNY my loves and Happy V Day to all! and dear parents, HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!!! :)

and dear paru, im sorry i missed your bday.... Im really really sorry my dear sister... will make it up to you soon. Hugs sorry! :(

What i've been up to in the past weeks BESIDES hospitals below:

Chinese New Year Lunch by PMCSA RCSI & UCD:

Ambassador of Malaysia to Ireland. Good Man.

PMCSA RCSI & UCD committee, and Malaysian Officials

The one and only temple in ireland, which to add, opens once a month. Something small, but it felt great. And to go on CNY? and Vday? lol. How ironic, even my Chinese friends didn't go to temple on CNY, but i did! hehe. 45 mins away if you take the right bus...

Visiting Kumpulan Search and Hujan... at the ambassadors house. I mean, we went to search for rain in ireland? the irony bit is- IRELAND!!! where you get rain like soooo often! lol.

Top, Amy of Search, Vocalist

Guitarist of Search

Yazit, Search Drummer.

Ambassador, Wife, Mehul, Myself and Fred with a few other Malaysians there.

En.Sofian, First secretary of the Malaysian Embassy Ireland.

Mr. Ambassador and his balcony.

BMW 7 Series.... ooolala. i WISH

Cat's Belated suprise Bday party ;) FAMILY! :)

Lil Cat from Hong Kong... :) *hugs*

And a few other things i've been up to. Just that i dont have the pictures. Anyways, Been great lately, loads of fun, and loads of hardwork as well. :)

Next Up, Malaysian Performance in International Night 2010! March 11 :)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

February 12, 2010

CNY and Hospitals

Sooooooo Yes, Hospitals have started and Chinese New Year is up ahead.

So in true Malaysian Spirit, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!!
Chinese or not chinese, to me, being malaysian, its all the same. Have a great holiday to everyone!

And now, to what i've been up to. Now, studying in Beaumont Hospital which is in the outskirts of Dublin and i travel 1.5 hours daily two ways including waiting time. I have to say, i find this whole new concept and semester fun. Dressing up formal, attending interesting lectures, spending time in a nice small cosy library, walking down the hospital corridors at night feeling good after a productive day, getting onto an empty bus reaching home at 10.30 having proper dinner, then continue studying or head to bed. Its a pretty nice thing.
Come friday, you just feel soo relaxed.

Though, we have moved from a 30 slide lecture to a 60 slide lectures. STILL in the same one hour period for a lecture!! Talk about twice the work load! gosh.

So far its been so fun and interesting. Looking forward to another great week! Loving it!

Had an awesome friday! One person was the cause for it. :) *hugs*

Tomorrow, PMCSA RCSI is organising a Chinese New Year Lunch with a crowd of 160 people, and tickets are sold out. Full house! :) I am really really excited for that...

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

February 7, 2010

A New Look


A New and revamped blog!!! take the more buisness, simple, clean look :) Trying to get some stuff still sorted with this template, so please do bare a little with the minor errors here and there. Been working on this for days now. Finally, its up :)

Tomorrow i start studying in Hospital. From tomorrow on, its all in hospitals...
I quote a senior friend of mine:

"so far to date in RCSI, its been 'college' student life for you, but from now on, its gonna be the real 'University' Student Life... This is It!" - Mehul

On a another note, its gonna be (already is) sad to see all the seniors you were close with leave for Penang PMC. Most of them have already left as of today morning, some still remain, but will also soon leave.

So till then my friends, 
one year apart, 
for now we shall bid goodbyes, 
and exchange wishes, 
but time will fly, 
soon we will meet at a mamak,
at 11.30pm ;)

Hospital starts tomorrow, My Sem 4 in Med School, The REAL thing. Where life just gets tougher... and to start it all off, getting there is going to be a challenge, as the main bus to there has been rerouted a little at the end. sigh. And need to wakey wakey at 6 am tmrw!!! gosh, thats 6 hours earlier then my normal wake up time. sigh!

Adios! A New Blog look for a New Part of my Life... (Not to forget the haircut too)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

February 4, 2010

Official Song of the World Cup South Africa 2010

World cup songs never let you down... This is awesome!

And today is Result day... sitting down while doing work waiting for the results to be released... *prays*

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.