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May 31, 2009

Learn to improve, everyday.

This sem is bound to grant me better grades (thank god for it), but im sure, it doesnt stop here. The journey up hill continues, and i already have the perfect plan on improving. Waiting for the next sem to come.

Success is addictive, and i haven't had the euphoria i would have wished to achieve in quite some time... Soon i hope it will be it... For now, its constant hardwork to end the week on a high note.

I Cant Wait To Be Home. I Miss All Of You! ALL!.... *hugs* Its ALMOST time...
but FIRST, This dreadful week ahead to be hurdled pass... :)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

May 29, 2009

Clinical Competencies (OSCE)- Fun Stuff!

Okay, i have a thing called Clinical Competencies Module. And it deserves its own post, Certainly.
So, here it is, a part i really enjoy in my Wonderful college, RCSI.

We practice our Clinical Competencies (OSCE) module together. CC is where we learn on taking the patients History and also doing practicals. As in Real Doc stuff guys... everything from, as from the stuff a doc questions you on as you enter a clinic to the physical examinations that are run in hospitals, Everything.

Of Main:
Cardiovascular System (listening to the heart etc)
Respiratory System (listening to the lung etc)
Gastrointestinal System (finding an enlarged liver, spleen, kideny etc)

The boys,
Darren Chew- The Secretary as well as the one who drives us forward in progress. Has occasional "i-like-feeling-myself-when-im-topless-moments" too.

Elijah Khoo- The guy who loves to "feeeel" us, and loves to just lie down and be our patient. Wishes to do Rectal Examination one fine day, but very eager to do one on us for now...

Ken Wai- The lazy one who takes "akward" positions on the bed trying to palpate(feel) the chest and etc and also goes " patient is tooo sexy!! cannot take it anymore!!"

Seniors i would like to thank at most,
Jeffrey Lee- He encouraged us very hard to start pratices early and do it everyday. we may have not started early, but we certainly did everyday once we started. Thanks for all your teachings jeff, seriously, we could not appreciate you more. Sorry if we bugged you a little too much though. Thank you Jeff...

Mehul Kumar- The one who thought us the most in the shortest time and made sure we were competent enough to meet his standards. You were kind enough to offer us your time with attending to our questions through phone calls too... Thank you for that wonderful 2 hours you spent with us after a tiring day at hospital and while you yourself needing to catch up with your studies. Thank You Mehul...

If not for Jeffrey and Mehul, i dont think we would have made it to even Decently perform in the OSCEs today... Surely, we would have Failed. Im sure... Its not easy stuff guys, its pretty hard, and to be competent at it, its a whole different thing from learning. They made sure we were.

L-R: Lil Jas, Rachel.
Chilling out in the park with our Burger Kings after a hectic week of exams and intensive studying... Studied all different wavelengths, from Physiology to Microscopic slides(Histology) to bullshitting techniques (Human Behavioural Science, HBS- i.e Psychology) to practical doctor stuff ( CC- OSCE). I think these switch in brain modes drained me out, Totally. Im konked out tired, i fall to bed and sleep within seconds... It was literally torture to be awake to realise that you still feel like sleeping, cos you still have to go on studying... and when you're THAT sleepy, its Real torture...REAL... Phew, glad im half way through.
Certainly though, in 4 years, as i graduate, this is what it is going to be, day in, day out.

CC Mates we call ourselves, more of family i'd say. We were real intense, every night, for 2 solid hours we'd practice and have fun, which is certainly the most important after a long day of boring notes on physiology and biochemistry etc.

This Picture is going to go a Looooooooong Way.... The Future doctors im working with now. Cultivating all our practical skills both, With and On each other. My very first patients and my very first teachers and colleagues too- My brothers for sure.

Its summer here my dears, and im sitting in my room with the blinds shut, studying as i dont want to see what im missing outside my room, the beautiul weather... oooh.

PS: If you see my very first picture in this blog post, you'd probably be able to see the amount of Red Bull i have on my shelf, Spot it if you can. ;)
One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- During Mid Exam Breaks too...

May 28, 2009

Half Way there...

4 papers down, 3 to go. 2 Major Subjects completed out of 5. Almost there...can't wait.

ps: Dear God,

I thank you for a wonderful week,
i may have had to push through long nites and be tired at the end of the week,
but i have no regrets. Thank You for so much till today. I could have done better probably, but i have no regrets with anything. Thank You for all the blessings.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

May 23, 2009

One Month and Two Days to go

Okay guys, exams starting In 2 days, and i doubt anyone from outside this country would be hearing from me for the next two weeks atleast. Apologies in advance... BUT the good part, i will be back in exactly one month and 2 days. Im all yours then... for now, as sadly id like to say this, its the 4 walls and the 160 lectures.... sigh. gonna miss you all as i drown in notes for the final time for this semester...

To all those having exams now, All the best, to those whom have finished, have a great break!
Take care and see ya'll soon!

Exam starts on Monday the 25th of May and end on the 5th of June with, 7 days of exams within that two weeks and 5 subjects im being marked for. Wish me luck guys!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- Under exam pressure, too.

May 13, 2009

Innocent, Charming, and Dancing at Six

Something i found from my revived External Hard Disk:

My very First dance on stage.. No Wait! Second! i vaguely remember doing something in Penang Where i did my nursery and something. I remember putting on make up and dressing up in pink/red... Have to ask parents to confirm though..
hmmm... oh well, atleast im sure this is one of my first. :)

I had the centre stage? oh no... i guess i didnt know the significance of it when i was small.. hmm...

ahh one of the bangra moves in my international night 09 dance had a simillar move. lets see who can tell me where and when. Hint, its after an "Explosion/Breakaway/Split".

I had to go 3 rounds around the girl with the red scarf. come on! how much can a 6 year old take right?! Hence Slipped... :( But it was more of a trip, nothing much, but i can still clearly remember that. though, i blame the white socks *points to the white socks*
owh not to forget that i had to accurately place the scarf on my 'dance partners' neck after doing 3 rounds at the young age of Six. Its like asking a drunkard to be spun 5 times, then asking to walk in a straight line and then touch the tip of the police officers pinky finger with eyes closed. Dear Lord, IMPOSSIBLE!

Finishing pose. :) Cute leh? And By The Way, i also do vaguely recall being shy with my partner, because i THINK i thought she was pretty... hmmm... Not sure though. Oh well, i was really shy of girls in general when i was small i guess. :)

Singing some rasa sayang song. Spot Me.

Then, Six Years Old.
Now, Six Foot Tall. ;)

Rachel, doesnt the blue baton look familiar (simillar) ? RCSI decided to give me in advance?? hmmm.. probably? hehe.

There, a random post for those whom are bored out there... *cough cough*

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

May 9, 2009

Dear Mother

warning, too long for those whom dont like reading, but its my letter and gift to mum along with my third poem, Dedicated to my Mother, Enjoy if you wish. Share if you think the same ;)

Dear Mum,

Here is where dad tied the knot,
and made you my wonderful mother,
I couldnt have asked for a better Teacher,
a better discipliner,
a better fashionist,
no one could have teached me to care for others, the way you did,
you showed me what love was,

Oh dear mum, when problems arise,
i come rowing to you,
and you solve it all,

(mum, 21 years ago)
Here's where your future two brats were once in,
your womb, i miss the warmth a fetus gets,
its too cold here in ireland,
and i've seen a child birth and have studied it,
i dont know how you got me past your pelvis bone,
with that pain,
i've grown from that small one to this huge one now,
you still show me the same love if not more,

(Too ALL READERS whom are not family, Is this already bothering you? Is this boring you? Too bad this is my mum i'm talking about! i dont give a heck whether You're bored, this post is full of my mum, if you are my true friend, read till the end, im showing my mum off here.
To help you recognise who is who, i have italicized and bracketed who the people in the picture are ABOVE each picture)

My first gasp of oxygen was in here,
thats me there in your womb,
and my dear elder brother you holding up,
along with dad,
why o' why had these two motorcyclists spoil this picture of the family i was born into? why?

This is the 2nd child you gave birth to,
who am i to introduce you to him?
no one.
its all to introduce the parasite you gave birth to the world,
the world that reads my blog.

yes that's my curls,
when short, its your curls, mum,
when long, its dads waves,
oh boy, am i lucky to have both your genes in me,
natural curls, which most wish to have,
but sorry dad, i have to say, people say that my hair is of most curly,
mothers genes seem to have prevailed more i guess,

To the world who reads this now,
notice that im sucking my thumb in both pictures?
this was for a very long time, until 8 or 9 years of age if im not mistaken,
during sleep, the thumb unconcsiously used to feed into mouth,
mum did her best in preventing me, tied a bag to my hand,
with multiple knots too i may add,
put me to sleep between her and dad,
i used to cry when i dont,
when they put me in another room with bro,
at times, i used to resort to sleeping outside their bedroom door,
as it was locked,
this was like when i was 5 or 6,

oh mum,
i miss lying on your lap,
i lay on it almost everynight before hitting the bed,
you were the one who put me to bed,
even when i was 18, and twice your height almost,
patting my head, for hours,
i may have never told you this before,
i lie on your lap when i have worries or problems,
somehow you manage to put your ever soo little child to sleep,
i agree, i have never shared much of my personal struggles with you,
but indirectly with the mums scent and aura, you have solved all my problems,
i cant thank you more for that.

you bought me toys,
that gave me joy,
we had two sets of the same,
one in penang,
one in kajang,
for me not to feel left out in penang,
where you put me,
to guard me against the pain of parting you at 8am and receiving you at 5pm,
while you slaught at work, to buy me more toys...
coming over every weekend, through the snake roads back in the days, hours of drive,
just to see me, says it all

I drove a car simillar to that in penang until i was 5 and i think more

Thats bro, with the same toy i had in Penang

you dressed us, made our hair, tried new styles,
to admire both your princes,
and show us of to the world,


Check out my bros style, the cap, "ssup dawg?"

(Grandad, bro, me, mum)
such kids we two were

you had joy in dressing us as girls,
thankfully it was bro who got the most, if not all,
i should have been a girl for you, to have the ideal family,
the one that all wish,
but im sure you never complained,
and im blessed for that
(bro!!! NOT me! in a girls dress..)

You dressed us both alike,
to not show us apart,
i think here is where our brotherly love was laid,
i am more then pleased to let you know,
incase you still havent noticed,
that brother and me are very thick,
and will be so forever,
we may have shouted at each other along the way,
but that has just brought us closer together,
no one can tear us apart now,
even if you wish, trust me,
(bro, me)
(bro, me)

(me, mum, bro)

I've been to our motherland so many times thanks to you,
half of the people if not more,
havent even had a glimpse of it,
showed me famous people and buildings,
little did you realise,
you were my tour guide to life,

in motherland,
you showed me where you born, to where you graduated,
showed me your principle in school,
your huge house in a small village,
which all motivated me to prove that i'm Your son,
and i will not fail in that,
(im second from right, next to mum)
The most famous Tamil Movie Director and another actor

(bro, malaysian gymnast, me)
not only you,
but the whole world used to call me shy,
i remember everyone saying that i looked shy in this picture,
im not sure if i do,
but you changed me with words,
i assure you now, i embrace courage,
in speaking,
i used to be quiet and cold to others you may think,
but no, it wasnt my fault, it was brothers,
he always spoke everything out fast,
never left anything for me to say,
even when people asked me something, he'd answer it for me,
but i have come along way now,
im outspoken, and changed, couraged, daring,
all thanks to you,
My Dear Mum

(bro, me, cousin)
You loved watching gymnastics,
you brought me to the Commenwealth games,
i thank you for giving me exposure to the world,
you told me what was good and what is bad,
you never showed me the meaning of hunger,
drained me with love and protected me from the outside world of danger,
carried me when i was 12 to prevent my legs from touching the puddle of water,
which you knew, i hated.

you put me on elephants,
one of the things all kids dream of,
fullfilling all my dreams,
sides just that

made me and bro multitalented,
you put us into everthing,
from skating, to taekwando,
to music, to many more i need not say,
as you and i already know

you say that i used to be embarrased to say you were my mother,
back in primary and to a certain extent, secondary,
im not sure whether thats the way i felt,
but, im very sure now, im as proud as a peacock,
to show you of as MY mother,

(which also may i add, you showed me peacocks, time after time, something not all kids see)

thats brother,
you should have just have fed him to giraffes (not)
haha i say, just like what you did to us,
you showed us danger, but made sure you had a hand on us,
ready to flex your biceps to pull us away from it,
just before danger strikes,
which has made brother and me whom we are now,
successful in life to date,

You celebrated my birthdays,
to show your little one off,
im happy now,
the latest was your eldest's 21st,
he was a very happy boy when i spoke to him,
you made us both all very happy indeed
i may not have liked the cake,
may have cried,
i hated the cream,
and i still dislike all those kind of creams,
but i never disliked your love,
and never will,


you showed me family,

and tapped my friends,
making sure im in the right path in life,
which im glad i am in,
(im right at the centre)


you and i know that we get at each others throats at times,
but that is because im just like you,
i dont like being wrong,
and i love that too at times, when i prevail,
you usually give in to me,
and accept defeat, but you put a strong fight before that,
which has now made me a better speaker,

(bro and mum)

You are the queen of the house,
but need not worry,
both your princes are right behind you,
we will always be there,

i keep saying princes,
let the world think whatever they want,
im sure we are yours,
and im glad we are.

(Me, mum, bro)

weird things we used to do together,
brother is embarassed when you ask for discounts,
and when you go quarrel with the shop owners if you are displeased,
i admit, i am too, a little, but at the end of the day, its for the benefit of the both of us,

I love the way you show me off to your friends,
just like how i now do with you.

(me, bro)

(Bro, me)
Our nearest and only encounter with the police force,
i thank god for having you as 'mum',
to make sure just that,
while reading in the news,
all kinds of teenage wrong doings,

(bro, mum, me, dad)

(bro, mum, me)
we will always be by your sides,
one on each,

(me, bro)
This post is written with consent of your two boys,
and im sure theres nothing more pleasing than hearing us assure you that we will be one forever,
all thanks to the way you brought us up,

(me, mum, aunts, cousins)
a mothers day long ago, just thought it would be nice to bring it up again

to You with Love,
My dear mum,
Your two boys,
written with all our hearty feelings,
i am sure your elder is feeling just the same way,
but you know him well, his handwritting and poetic skills lack (hehe)
hence im the one writting on behalf of the both,
and each word here runs from his blood to mine,
This poem if you would like to call it that, is our Mother's day gift to you,
its on the internet, hence im sorry to say, you cant show this gift off to your friends and other family,
of your to wonderful sons as you say it,
just like your other sayings,
we are both your eyes,
equally important,
(yes mum, i still remember you words)

(Mum and Dad)
such wonderful parents,
to have
picture was way back then,
before having to stress over the two irritating offsprings,
who used to quarrel everywhere,
in the car,
battle out at home,

sorry for all the pain we may have inflicted,
the strong hurtful words we may have said as of late,
we do shout at you, just for being over loving,
as we like to be treated as adults now,

yes mum, we have grown, sorry to say that fact,
we are adults now, and wish to be treated that way in public,
occassionally we tend to be a child to you again,
but thats why we shout at you,
no, not that im complaining, we will forever be a child in your eyes,
i know, the shoulder will always be there for us,
but we are preparing for the day,
where you will let our hands go,
the very hands you've been holding all this while,
protecting from evil and danger,
but it will be time soon,
lets make full use of the years that you would be seeing the both of us day in day out,

(me, mum, bro)
We will forever be your princes,
and you will forever be our queen,
riding you on horses,
on carriges,
or maybe just in a Honda Accord

i will continue to wonder upon the sky,
on how much you have influnced me,
my life is your carving,
your blessing,
i thank you for that,

me, mum

im sure that hand will forever be behind me,
over to my shoulder,
being my back bone,
when im weak,
fitting me within your arms,
even though literally now its impossible,
now that you fit into mine,

My brains and mind,
is also your doing,
god may have given me one,
but you are the one that brought the most out of me,
i know i have called you harsh words at times when i have been really off,
i blame the raging teen hormones for that,
but its your brain genes that i carry, along with dads,
i now say, if i am considered to be smart, you are genius,
if i am stupid, you are experienced,
if i am hardworking, you are the definition,
if i am patient, you are are a saint,
your succes motivates me,
shows me where i get my mind and character from,

I cant wait to take the very same picture,
in 4 years,
That very same picture,
with a wider smile im sure,
and tears too i fear,
with a paper entitled

Ganesan Palaniappan @ Balu

(The day you and i,both, await)

Thank you for Everything mum,
Thank you amma,
To each child, their mother is a diamond or gem or whatever,
but to me, i will not call you such,
you are more than that, words cant define it,
i would not like to set limits with the little vocabulary the world has,
and this is not just a today feeling,
it has always been like this,
just that i have been shy to my very own mother to share all this,
and today, mothers day,
has made me say it all out,

my Dear Mother,

Happy Mothers' Day.

Your two sons
with love.

(me, bro)

PS: cant wait to be home, to lie on your lap too. haha. Love you amma.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- Especially with your mother.