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August 29, 2009

To All The Tall people out there

Hallelujah! All Tall people hail Valentino Rudy!  *gives standing ovation*

Yes guys, today i went for the ever so dreaded Long Sleeve Shirt Shopping round 2 at SOGO again, with parents this time around. (though, sogo was super duper super packed as it was the Fasting month and it was a saturday, anyways, it did not dampen my military spirits) Ill have to say there were about 30 designer brands for formal clothing, and i tried about 25 of them in the two trips. Yes, unfortunately, thats what ive gotta do. I need alot of things to go right, or atleast the best they can be for me.
Below a typical conversation in huge retail malls (such as Sogo, Jusco, Parkson)

Below a typical conversation in huge retail malls (such as Sogo, Jusco, Parkson)

Me: Excuse me there, can i know whether all your cuttings are the same?
Sales girl: No sir, we have 2 cutting. Slim Fit and Regular Fit.
Me: okay, so can i try both? XL please?
Sales girl: *brings me both*

Me: ok, is it okay i take these with me, as i try it with other brands of shirts as well? in the next counter area?
Sales girl: *gives a look* Yes sir, sure, but do bring them back here. Thank you.
Me: * Repeats the whole process another 3 more counters*

Me: *tries a shirt and shows it off to parents and repeats this for another 5 times as i have that many in the changing room, end up hogging a room for about 20 minutes while some other customers wait for the room outside staring at me*

As i said there were about 30 brands, so had to repeat that until i covered as many counters as i could, so the whole cycle repeats about 5 times.

After seeing which the best fit is, i need to test my memory and see which were the ones that fitted me best, second best and so forth. And finally going back to these counters and picking a design/ colour, if they dont have anything nice or decent, sigh, move on to the second choice...

Ive always gotten my Special Occasion shirts in any one of the Jusco Malls, but this time around i ended up sogo as i explored it on my own a few days back and already tried about 10 counters.

Tips to those whom are tall and thin:
(Usually Slim Fit, but at times, Regular Fit of the smaller size fits well too.)

Valentino Rudy's Semi Fit is an Awesome Fit for me!!!!!! You should have seen my celebratory dance in the changing room once i put it on! i didnt expect such a perfect fit. As though it was tailored for me! the shoulder, perfect; the sleeve, oh so perfect and long,  (my arms at 27 inches long, Smart Master only had 25 inches max in their ready-made Shirts) the tailors in the past never managed to give me a slim look, this was perfect! Match Made in Heaven....owh....Valentino Rudy........... *blushes*

Somehow the other, i liked shopping for Shirts... Formal Shirts...Maybe its because i get to see myself looking smart in the miror.. ooolala, good day!

PS: if i havent gotten the point through yet....... Valentino Rudy!!!!!!!!!! YEA YEA YEA! :D hehe.. pretty cheap too thanks to the Sale! :)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

August 27, 2009

H1N1 and its funny side...

So today i went on a mini excursion alone, from mines to midvalley to sogo...

From MidValley to sogo, being lazy to swerve past the malaysian lunch time traffic in KL, i decided to take the KTM, afterall, MV and Sogo have good KTM access.

I had to stand as i didnt get a seat as i entered in midvalley station which is not suprising for the Rawang bound KTMs.... So i noticed, about half the commuters in the train were wearing masks, and the atmosphere was sooo tense that no one was talking, there were no babies on the trains, in short it was just sooo dull... like seriously dull. Then i had a mischevious though, i was soooooooo tempted to just start coughing abruptly for about 20 seconds and suck up the mucus in my nostrills as loud as i could and disgustingly, as i was very sure, half the train would get out in the next stop if not all and poof i get 4 seats to myself...!! I think even some people would actually pull the emergency break and jump off the train man! lol, i mean like seriously, everyone in there was soooo paranoid with this H1N1 thingy. Even if i were to clear my throat, im sure id make heads turn.

People and their masks... Random shot.
I agree you have to take precautions and stuff, but i just find this a little hilarious. The weird ways these humans act under such a disease... Anyways, glad to see people actually wearing masks and i cant wait to get out of the country just because of this H1N1 thingy... its getting real bad now.

Once i was on a Normal Common Flu, i went to see the doc just to get well asap as i would be leaving soon, and oh boy, never have i seen the clinic That packed before!!! it took me 1 hour to see the doc, usually at max 20 mins. Everyone was there, from a mild cold, to a mild cough, to a simple sore throat! Everyone!!!!! (good money for the docs though) Sigh the effects of H1N1 isnt just health damaging, mentally too i guess, infact worse on the mental state then physical.. People get sooo scared that it could be "You Know What"...

However being a medical student loads of people have asked me on H1N1 and stuff ( i've just finished 1/5th of my course guys! a lil tooo early to ask! however knowing that id get questions on them, i initially did a little research) So yes, these virus is not very deadly. Its just deadly to those people with an Underlying disease or has very bad health conditions. It does spread fast, but with early detection, and a drug called Tamiflu, you're cured for sure in a few days. However do not ignore the fact that a high fever could also be dengue and not H1N1.

However, the scariest part is where the government actually call up the people positive for it and get to know who they have met in the past week and get down their contact details.... Thats about it i guess, because of you, those other people also have to run tests and self quarantine for a week missing work or school. Work, yeah sure, i dont mind, but school?? hmmm, i wouldnt want to...

In short, The swine:
Sigh the Swine.... Sighhhhhhhh....

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

August 19, 2009

Hope to blog soon...

And soooooo i havent had the time to blog, sigh. Trying to make full use of the time i have here in Malaysia before i head back for 1.5 years! sigh.

So yes, im alive, and well, but i still wish to meet up with sooo many other people! do give me a call! :)

Hope to blog soon,

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.