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July 4, 2010

Picture Post =)

Some pictures for the moment :) Hopefully more up soon!! cleaning up my desktop, so decided to post some along the way :)

Sides that, im busy watching World Cup South Africa 2010 and going on a week long movie marathon. Along with house chores in between :)

JPA Officer visit, Cik Afidah Arshad. Very nice lady.

EVE and JAZZYs 22nd and 21st respectively at a Mexican Restaurant:


Eve and Jaz :)

International Food Night 2010

Same ol' same ol'

Booth set up 

Short vs Tall... 

Bucking Bronco! :) wooohooo!!!!

Here in ireland, everything is by pint and guiness, even Hot Chocolate with Whipped cream too ;)

An Evening In Penang:

Dearest :)

Limerick Archery Intravarsity:

On the train there to meet up with the rest.

'The rest' over dinner

My bed at the B&B

B&B is bed and breakfast, and this is the breakfast :) well a part of it.

Milk Market means Pasar Pagi

I love this pic.. :)

Wei Li, Cat, and Azmi

Archery Club Captain


Beautiful Limerick

Half the Archery Team

The Full Squad.


More to come, "Hopefully" hehe.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.