This blog serves a purpose- to share my experiences, knowledge, travels, and personal views with my family, friends and also to rest of the world. Life has been a roller coaster of a ride so far, but the journey i have embarked on is certainly proving to be a great one. The article is no where near complete, therefore you are most welcomed to sail with me. Consider this my personal diary, opened to you. Enjoy the ride- of Life and its Beauty.

October 31, 2008

Pictures... :)

Hi guys, I Just had my very first cardsigning. Glad to be over with it. :)

Thank You: Rachel, Ken, Jian Gang, Alyson, Yvvone. And good luck to you guys for next week.

Now, Pictures as i promised. Random ones No specific order.
more pictures to come as i get them. This are a few from 2 ppls cameras only (Alvin, and Rachel)

No thats NOT alcohol, see properly, its Olive Oil. Excessive studying. Note the Anatomy Text Book at the Top right of the picture.

During the Todd Stand Up comedy, with a few of us.

Hari Raya Open house at Malaysia Hall

Lunch when we went to make our GARDA (visa) card. And thats River Liffey, the river that flows in the heart of Dublin

The Todd from Scrubs (the crazy High 5 dude)

One of the nights after studying hard...Time 11.30Pm

Fencing. At Damers Hall (our colleges one too)

Yvvone's B'day Cheers. :)

October fest.

The Lot. at apartment A2, Mercer Complex.

More stories and posts to come. I had alot to blog about, but just didnt have time.
Now its time for me to get back to my books.
Btw, all this pictures are quite old. Now, we are all stuck to our books more than we were back then. Btw, Happy Deepavali to all. Cheers!

Anatomy all done, now moving on to the rest of the subjects... lets do this!

October 16, 2008

My Irish Details

Going through a tough time indeed. okay, no need to panick, life here is tough, as in theres soo much to study, and theres still to cook and wash clothes. And also to play sports to keep a little fitness in atleast to be able to concentrate in class (there are 6 hours of classes in a day too!!) But alls good, coping pretty well. Studying is not in Full gear yet, but will be getting there very soon.

Below are my contact details, do get in touch with me if possible.
Skype Name: ganesan.palaniappan
Irish HP number: +3530851313579

My address: 111, Millin House, Mercer Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland.

My time table is roughly as follows:
Monday, 3 classes, finish evening at 4 or 5 pm
Tuesday, 3 classes and Anatomy Pract, finish evening at 4 or 5 pm
Wed, No or 1 class. Evening class if there is.
Thurs, 6 / 5 classes. finish Evening at 5pm
Friday, 1 class and maybe Anatomy Practical as well. Finish Morning or Afternoon around 1 pm.

All the above are in Irish Time. Ireland is 7 hours BEHIND Malaysia.
Keep in touch guys, hope everyones doing good. Take care.

PS: things ive done so far from my last post:
Fencing classes, did my Visa (GARDA card), Had a nice time with seniors, made nice dinners with close friends, went for RCSI volleyball training, and RCSI badminton training. Almost went for gym induction, played futsal. Almost played squash. Attended RCSI sports day. Succsesfully completed Fresher's week with a bang. Went for a Stand Up comedy show at RCSI by The Todd from scrubs (the horny high 5 dude).
The above are all in random order. will post pics and details in the next post over the weekend.

Ok then, got a class in 45 mins. got to go. Cheers!

October 4, 2008

RCSI, Dublin, Ireland.

Hey guys, been a very long while hah. i know, been really busy with Med School and settling in here. So far things are good. Sorry for not emailing or posting on my status earlier. I really wanted to, but i didnt have an internet till lately. Finally got the time.
Theres LOT to talk on!!!

And im doing good here. The temp hit a low of 4 degrees Celcius and it rained ice! (for a short while)
Classes are good so far, one subject called HBS is boring. sides that all good. Owh, and then, yeah! i have had my First Anatomy Class (Practical) done. It was one heck of an experience, which i must say, i fitted in very well, didnt get dizzy, nor did the smell of formalin disturb me :) (maybe at the start, a lil).

Okay i know this is the most exciting thing for my fellow friends, the Anatomy Dissections.
Let me briefly talk on it, we enter a Huge room, all dressed in white coats, wearing blue nitrile gloves, dissection kit in a pocket, notes in another, and a blue practical book. As we enter we see huge white bag which contain the cadavers on 16 different tables. We open it, take it out, and then await the Senior surgeon, then we/he dissects, then he shows and explains all the parts (anatomy) of the body. From muscles, to nerves to bones, All. All of these lecturers in this class are really old, they are all retired, but nevertheless very good. Its a group of 7- 14 students to a surgeon and hence a cadaver.

We were tought on how to respect the cadavers the previous night in the White Coat Ceremony, but trust me, once you see your cadaver, you will already have Great Respect for Him/Her lying on the table...totally bare...and well preserved.

Each medical students intake gets a new sets of cadavers. (How nice are the Irish!!!). The cadavers will remain in our Anatomy Practical Classes until we finish our Pre-Clinical stage.

We learn based on a modular system. Which means, we learn part by part of the Anatomy such as The Lower Limb, The Upper Limb, Abdomen and things like that. Thus, we learn all Nerves, Muscles, Bones and all related to the part of the body in a practical class, all together. We have our Practicals TWICE A WEEK! how hands on is that!!! The Cadaver is to last for 2.5 years until its dissected completely by us, all for the sake of studying medicine.
All in all, i believe this is the best system of Education in Medicine one can get, and im very proud to be a part of this Historical College, Which is famous for its Anatomy in particular. It may be a small place, but everyone in the college (from the dean to the admin staff) congratulate all students for making it to this school everytime we meet someone new, and i can tell, they really mean it...This shows me how high their standards are here. I will work hard to be thereabouts.

To be seated in the same bench as many past brilliant doctors have sat and stand in the same spot in the Anatomy room where many of them have stood is just amazing.

"Building on our heritage in surgery, we will enhance human health through endeavour, innovation and collaboration in education, research and service."

PS: Im Packed with classes do forgive me for late replies of all sort. Thanks. :)
Hope everyones doing good. take care all. Cheers!

The View from my Room

The Best i have made.

All Cool ones... who know how to work hard and party hard.


Cooking session

A few of the Fellow Malaysian Guys

The Ladies...

Trinity College Dublin

Keep In Touch. Im 7 hours behind Malaysia. take care guys!