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September 14, 2008

My First Job

Went for a job last week, it was a one day thing and i must say it was a fun day indeed. Yeah, heard me right, Fun!!!! (yet tiring though) Worked for an Event Organizer which i assume, are some kinda big timers, D'Jungle People- that's what they call themselves and i was happy to be part of them for the day and wear their T-shirt! :)

T-Shirt Front.

My close pal, Tim invited me to join him for the job, so i did. (As i was already doing nothing much with my holidays then-Dead Free). So yeah, had to be at One World Hotel at 6.30 "AM"!!! and me coming from Kajang, had to leave like damn early. Woke up at 5"AM", dragged myself to do the usual daily routines, banged through my gate, rolled down the slope, slipped into the car, Snored to Tim's place and had an unusual Morning walk with him to One World Hotel. Its already a unique day (even though i have narrated so little only), by doing things that i never usually do. Firstly is, Waking up at 5 freaking AM! Secondly, to have a Morning walk!! or any sort of exercise for that matter (at That hour). It was a long walk (as OU doors were still closed at this hour, had to take the long route), but thankfully had quite alot of catching up to do with Tim, its been a very long time since we met- Time flew...

The back.

Got there, they gave us T-Shirts, and thats where we started. With All the briefings done by each head, we moved to our duties. (there were alot of other Part Timers too..). Moving on to the weirder part of the day, After the opening act in the ballroom, we had to Run to the futsal court located at the Other End of One U (on the upper roof) At 8 am! Imagine this, a group of people running through OU shops, empty allies, shop people starting to open shops, loads of people staring, running like we were being chased by dogs, with bright yellow T-shirts which helped in highlighting us,....yeah, it was weird all right. And just realised how Long One U really is!!! its damn LONG! Almost a Kilometer i would say!! and now thats Huge!

This was the Run, and that is Tim in yellow in the centre

So did our job at the futsal court, played two games of Human Foosball as Marshalls (yes, we were supposed to play! awesome eh?).

The Futsal Court we used.

I paired with Tim (with whistles, score cards, timers and all), and boy oh boy, we were dead tired after the 2 games, Yes, TWO... its real hard to face 5 other participants with us being 2 marshalls only. "5 on 2"!!! That figure says it all.. Was Fun though! My human Foosball marshall team was filled with Fun people of all races. The Malay dudes were the real funny ones...

A few of my fellow Marshalls (part timers) involved in Human Foosball

One U futsal court is pretty good actually. and very breezy, which was awesome! (do avoid OU futsal if its raining..cos you'd get all wet due to the breeze.)
It was great weather for us, luckily.

The View, The Breeze, The Court, The Nike Ads, oooh...just great.

Finished futsal, ran all the way back to One World Hotel just to find out i wasn't needed (i was told otherwise unfortunately). Sigh. After a while, got our pay (the best part!!), and then Tim and i headed to McD for lunch as he had this coupon...Headed home then, at 2pm, and then i ended up sleeping a few hours once i got home. A day with loads of running, with fun new people around. All in all, A good job it was. and a pretty high pay!! :) considering the fact we worked up to 12pm only.. A great experience, and exposure.

Though it wasn't a typical "slough-alot-for-little-pay-but-get-loads-of-exposure-to-working-life" kinda Job which i need Now, it was a fun one. Enjoyed every bit of it, except when i felt the anaerobic respiration (respiration that occurs in a very low concentration of oxygen in cells) kicking in... and the lactic acid later in the day (in those muscles which underwent that kind of respiration excessively)...
Looking forward to being able to work with them again, but sadly, with one a half week left, i doubt it...sigh.

Got my First Job out of the way. A great one too. :)

PS: Thank you Tim for the Opportunity.

Next up, Mooncake Party at Juan Lyns (awaiting pictures) or maybe even on Nagarathar Nite 08' (yes, the Long Overdue one...)

September 7, 2008

Lego, Lego... Lego

I wanna play Lego! yeah!!!
Its damn expensive now i think, but yeah! i feel like playing! getting good ol' memories in my head now....ahhhhh...those were the days...

PS: sudden re-affection due to Pui Lings blog, on Beijing Olympics Lego set...

Pictures Courtesy of (Pui Ling). Thx.

Time to start saving money, and time! :) but with a hectic schedule ahead, this little dream of mine can wait for 7 more years, then only i'll have time i guess... :(