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March 31, 2009

A random one...

At the start of the day/week, i prayed. and i thank God for a wonderful day. Thank you God...

Parents should have landed in Shanghai at this hour, hope they had a great flight and that they have a fantastic time there alone, without their annoying two children...bro and me. :) Its hard managing us i must say, we never obey house rules, and we get them worried all the time, for once, they're gonna have a peaceful time. Enjoy the peace dear parents, all its gonna last is one week! haha.
I think my brother also should be enjoying the freedom now. Bro, NO house partys! lol.

Have a good day and week all!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

March 30, 2009

Paris (Preview?)

My Favourite Paris Pictures to date:

More to come, stay tuned. ;) Cheerio!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

March 29, 2009

RCSI International Night 2009

Yeap, the awaited one this is.

Venue: Mansion House
Date: March 12th 2009
Show Time: 7.30pm

After all the intense practices, both in drama and dance, the stage was set, the competition was on, time to show off what've got, our culture, our unity and most importantly, our spirit to perform and enjoy it in the process too.

Thats exactly what we did when our slot came, The last Team of the night, to bring down the curtains, the organizers called upon Team Malaysia. (they saved the best for last?!) We hit the stage with our complete play, consisting of humour, culture, fight, love, energy, synchornization, singing, dancing and everything else that a play should have, Which i proudly say, we Did.

At the end of the day, when the results were announced, it took me 5 seconds to what the Host just announced, but when i did, i was happy as one could be. Team Malaysia had Won the night after a gruelling competition with a play entitled A Voice From South East Asia, the competition was tight allright..

Below: The Indian Dance Video ( Try spot me) (select HQ for better quality)

Part 1

Part 2

But the feeling of victory After all the 3-4 hour dance practices everynight, drama practices, red bull before our performance, after seeing team india bring out a very very energetic performance, after all the hard work and sacrifice.. it was just amazing. The adrenalin rush, even when you've won.. ooh. Little did i realise it was 12.30Am at that time with all the extra energy i had.

With Arthur Lau, our Director and Vice President of PMCSA

The RDB crew, our indian dancers with the Director and The Plate

L-R: Kevinder, Me, Ambassador of Malaysia To Ireland, Wife, Umbrella that was never used, and Mehul

Took loads of pictures then on, and headed for supper with the rest of the crew to a Malaysian Themed restaurant. Then headed home and just chilled while reflecting over the night at 2.30am. went to bed at 3.

Stills of the Indian Dance, in sequence:

Benny Lava. Nope, the camera didnt shake, we were just that fast... :)

Our Bangra Copter...

Chinese Dance:

Malay Dance:

Grand Finale:

The day Malaysia went Centre Stage in Ireland...

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- Even when on stage. Savour each second of it.

6.40 AM, here i blog

Its 6.40 AM on a Sunday Morning, and what do i see myself doing? studying... Yeah, precisely what im doing now...

Dont ask me why and how i woke up at such an early hour, im not too sure either. Probably its because i slept early.

But, is this the me i have been finding in Dublin all the while?? The me i used to be back at home? Hmmm... we shall just wait and see in days to come. Ive been working on it, hopefully ive achieved it.

This post should be complementing my previous one, or atleast it should second it.

Nerding Up, (am i?)


PS: 1.Went to college in the afternoon with another big bunch of ppl to get our MCQs done..we needed the college as our groups were getting too big, and the questions have gotten tougher...

2. Night, went out for "Anti Ball" dinner yesterday night with the Canadian group of friends and came home Stuffed. Pics up soon (i Hope). ;)

3. (and amma, i was sleeping at the times you skyped me, but my laptop was open as i dozed off when i shouldnt have, sorry, but later on the night i shut the lid as i woke up abrutly)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- Especially when you're getting the Balance right

March 28, 2009

How The Week Went.

Mostly Pictures and Mostly at RCSI Library.

In Between the week, I had my Heart Saver course. First Aid: CPR, Choking and Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Ping, cool eh? "hey there, meet PING!" :P

Donald and Becky rolling around during the Recovery Position practice.. and thats john and jian gang rolling them like logs..

I passed my CPR!!! lol, thanks to St. John Ambulance Malaysia, i didnt have a problem at all in learning the new format as i had the basics. * while im busy pumping down on the chest of the maniquin*, the teacher goes "Gan, keep going on i have a comment to make about to the rest" "guys, look at gan, hes doing CPR the right way, correct speed between compressions and seems to be doing with little or No effort. This is how it should be. Doing CPR is like going for a job, you have to do it with little effort...bla bla..(heres where i reached cloud 9 and recalled myself in Uniform teaching my juniors..oooh)."

I miss MY little Annes and choking charlies... I wonder how they're doing back at the store in school...

My Cert. Valid for 2 years.

Im a HEART SAVER. I fix broken hearts. hehe. If you get what i mean.. lol

Back to reality, the second half of the week:

Wednesday (mid week):

My roommate... But i heard he was stuck on that page for 30 mins. lol.


Hand goes up the wall... so did it go into alot of postions.... like behind the chair, under her, over her head, supporting her head, pulling down her hair, on the forehead, scrubbing the eyes, closing mouth with hands when yawning... Poor thing, stressed and tired.

Not too different here anyways. (catherine)

This is the best amongst the lot, Friday (last day of the week):

Darren Chew, O' Flanagen, Main Lecture Theatre, RCSI Main Building.
"Gaaaaaannnn.... i just wish this *pointing at the desk* is widerrrr...whyyyyyyyyyy"

PS: There! to those who think we just party and enjoy in ireland, heres a taste of how our Ordinary week goes. Well documented by me i hope. Library, Lunch, Loo - 3Ls...
RC Surgeons, We Study hard AND party hard. Thats how we roll. ;)


One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- Even in the Library!