This blog serves a purpose- to share my experiences, knowledge, travels, and personal views with my family, friends and also to rest of the world. Life has been a roller coaster of a ride so far, but the journey i have embarked on is certainly proving to be a great one. The article is no where near complete, therefore you are most welcomed to sail with me. Consider this my personal diary, opened to you. Enjoy the ride- of Life and its Beauty.

August 30, 2008

Post On: "bigger event to come"- extract

I wrote "There is a bigger event to come, already marked on my calender" in a previous post of mine, and This post, is to be on that. But i'll keep it real simple, with a few pictures... :)

Pictures do say a million words...

I shall restate- Pictures do mean a million words... ;)
I have Alot more pictures, but i shall keep the "millions" as low as possible...

Venue: Eastin Hotel

Persediaan untuk Med School

As i mentioned at the end of the previous post, i have already started preparing for Life in Dublin. I'm just one week into it and i now agree that preparing all this things isn't easy, i mean there is always something in your mind going on at the background, a checklist in your mind (where, every 2 minutes something is added to, and something else is lost from the hard drive, up there. Both process occur at almost equal rates, but infact, the rate of loss of information is greater... which by realising it, keeps me talking to myself now and then(VERY OFTEN!) )
So yeah, got quite a number of second hand books from a lovely person today, and sides the books, I've done alot of productive shopping sessions from bags to socks, but i'm still not done yet... The hardest item to find thus far has been slippers, yes Slippers! Why? cos takde size...sigh.
A little rewind, Started the shopping sessions with alot of window shopping, and then moved on to actually buying somethings just to break the egg but of course before all this was the Inquiry Sessions with Seniors, Relatives, and Friends on things To and Not To bring there, which was pretty in depth.

I shall now let the Pictures do a little talking on how Life is going to be in the future...(with some captions along with a feel of a lil' 'drama')
Here it goes...

Life... and what it beholds

The Thickness, Wow, it even makes me feel Short standing next to it.

This is just One Third of the total amount!

Medicine Kills. Say No to Medicine. Tak Nak!!

Clothes shopping Thus far... Rushed alot to catch the sale.

The gloves i bought for the Cold Conditions. (my First Purchase, along with a Multi-tap International adapter :) )

If God brought you to this, He will sure bring you through it.
I shall hold on to this message, have total believe in it, And enjoy my time there... As i know, God is There...He Exists. I shall not fear nor be intimidated by the Thickness and the Number, but instead Look Up upon Him at challenging times, and just have faith in Him while savoring every single step and breath that i walk and breathe there, in Dublin.

PS: Just got back from a Youth Religious Talk today. ;) And the effects are what you just witnessed.

August 29, 2008


Correction on the previous Post -
Pre Departure Orientation; Med School
Okay, i failed to mention one thing at The Begining of the post after my Medicine-my life intro.
Yes i Already knew that i was offered the scholarship way before this Pre Dept Orientation.
I failed to mention it in the first paragraph. As this lead to some ppl being confused when i started talking about me being nervous to go up stage part.
Sorry yeah! cheers! ;)
I have already done the necessary additions in the previous post which i am referring to here.

August 24, 2008

Pre Departure Orientation; Med School

So, Here is where i shall begin my journey of med school life, online... Yeap, you heard me right, will be blogging as time passes from today, to the very last day- Graduation with the title "Dr." i should add.
This was one of the main reasons i started my blog, as i'd be leaving to Ireland to Start my Med School, thus to let others keep in touch with me.

Okay, first things first,
so, i'd be studying medicine at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, in short RCSI, Which twins with Penang Medical College, in short PMC. Its a 5 year course, whereby i do 2 and a half there in Dublin, Ireland, then the remainder of 2 and a half years here in Penang.
Okay thats that, now let me move on to todays event. So today was my Pre-Departure Orientation organized by PMC itself here at Legend Hotel (above The Mall). I have to say, i was really looking forward to this date, August 24th as i would be meeting all my course mates, of which i would be with for 5 years and we have alot to go through together. Friendships are to be knotted on this date, and Friends are the pillar of success. So a very important date to me.

Okay, where do i start...hmmm. Ah, okay, from the parking lot at Legend Hotel- To my amazement, the parking lot for the hotel was at levels 7,8 and 9 and you enter the carpark at level B1. So it was a Continuous Spiral all the way from B1 to the 7th floor! ouch, headache it was. i had to close my eyes a little while (oh, dad drove, not me. haha) So yeah, parked, then went for lunch at The Mall, then got back to the hotel lobby for registration.
Registered, they gave a sticker with my name on it, stuck it onto my shirt pocket and moved into the Grand Ballroom. As i was entering, 2 familiar faces passed by me, infact, they stopped to have a chat first. They were the Star Edu Fund Manager- Mr. Richard Foo and PMC Manager- Ms. Janice. Surprised how they know me? Well, here is where i reveal that i went for the RCSI scholarship interview held all the way in Penang, in the college itself, quite some time ago. Then came another familiar face, PMC Dean, Prof. Amir Khan. He stopped by too, said a few words and moved in. I was already very happy then as these people remembered me!! I mean of course right, they interviewed me. (i must add, that was the toughest interview i've ever attended!)
To add, Yes, i successfully obtained the Scholarship. :) Was near to tears when i heard the news through a phone call from The Star.

Okay, back to today, then i collected the Pre-Departure booklets and went in finding for a seat. Sat on the second row from the front, but as i entered, there were soo many people already seated there, that made me realise how big PMC actually was. Didn't have the time to mix around with the then strangers though, as i was seated infront and they were about to get things going up infront at the rostrum. Bored as i sat down, i flipped through the Programme booklet, then i spotted something. " Presentation of PMC Scholarships By Mr. Eugene Hutchinson, Irish Ambassador". i had to reread it 3 times to come to my senses and i quickly showed it to my dad. No i wasn't overjoyed, i was Nervous! heart started pumping blood faster, suddenly! i wasn't aware of such a thing!! i wasn't informed!! anyway, as the speeches went on, i tried listening, but i couldn't focus entirely on them...i was disturbed. I was already thanking God as i wore formal attire with tie, i seriously wasn't aware of this (some people came in T-shirts you know...) As each speech passed, blood starting rushing through my vessels at high KNOTS! Tried taking deep breathes, but i was recovering from a flu, so my nose was still blocked thus i played embarrassing music each time i took a deep breath. I stopped on this method after a few attempts, as i was making a fool of myself.
Then came the moment, they called my name followed by University destination - RCSI.
With pride and honor i got up in the storm of claps, tried walking with head held high, but as much as i tried, my legs were shaking badly (though, not obvious from the audience point of view i guess). Successfully made it onto the stage, the Prof and Staff seated on the floor smiled at me as i walked past them, that made me forget my nervousness i think, anyway, got to the stage, got the award, snapped a shot and then got back to my seat, now easily walking with head held high. Proudest moment in my life i must say getting the award from two Irish men of reputable profession and job, Drs of which one is the PMC president and the other the Irish Ambassador (photos to follow below). Oh and i felt most comfortable in this photo shoot as the Irish men were as tall as me, i could stand straight without hunching. :)
Then came a speech on a medical students life there in Ireland and Opportunities there as well as a little tips from a final year medical student named Jason (who wrote a book!). After that i was already looking forward even more to leaving to Ireland. Next up, was tea break, where to my surprise quite a number of people came over and spoke to me.. :) including paul's sister (paul my ex-classmate). All those people i met, were very friendly i must say...looking forward to studying with them already.

After the break, we were separated to small groups which were already marked on our name tags, and an appointed senior student headed the group and briefed us on almost everything, and he was really patient with all our questions i have to say. Thanks Jeffrey!
Then time came, and we had to leave, settled some final things on my scholarship and agreements with the staff there, and left the place.

Blurred pic in the camera, but still a Point sharp image in my mind
L-R: PMC president, myself, UCD scholar, Irish Ambassador, PMC Director

Group Briefing (girl next to me is paul's sis and next to her is our senior who briefed us)

Overall, an awesome event! with awesome people, looking forward now! :) also now, i am soooo ready for Ireland (mentaly la)
But i have to start on the packing Now on only..sigh, Starting with shopping tmrw.

But Still, There is a bigger event to come, already marked on my calender...Hehehe....cant wait for that! :)

August 21, 2008

Results - Emotions

Phew, boy oh boy, i need time to breathe!
been busy the past few day..the last event was my cousins wedding.
and guess what, I'm finally sick! No, not that i want to be sick, but some time back i was wondering to myself, why didn't i fall sick during my exams, or even after my exams when i started partying hard...i never could find the answer to that question. and now, i don't even have to find an answer to that. Anyway, en route to recovery now.
Okay, results are out, and i must say, finally, I have no mixed emotions...I'm Happy. :)
The first semester results was more of a mixed emotions period, the second was with a little disappointment as some papers i expected to get full marks, but instead what i got was ALMOST full marks (which i must say is even more loose out by one or two marks)
The third, was just splendid. Well thats what i first thought when i got my results. And thats what my friends and relative say when they hear about it. Thought to myself, finally everything is over, did great, now time to relax, reap in the benefits of working hard, and savour the moment..but somethings been bothering me..
so, have been thinking about it lately, i guess it the fact that certain mates did better than me in certain papers and some in certain subjects as a whole which bothered me. I'm a person who never rests on second spot, always wanting to be the best, so understandingly, i was disturbed a little.
Which i think is a good thing, because i now know there is still another level to achieve in the future, there is a higher peak available for me to climb, there is room for improvement, there is burning desire in me to be the best. Thus, falling back and enjoying my latest success isn't an option. Theres only one way, one option, that is -to go Forward.

Now to the credits for my A Levels Success...
Parents, Bro- Muru;
mates: Tim, Shu Jiun, Eu Jhin, Juan Lyn, Carmen, Claudia, Jon, Meera (Helped in subjects and also in tough times...)
Lecturers: Ms.Foong, Ms.Ng, Mdm Lin, Mr. Ling, Mr Anuar, Mr Philip (HELP UC lecturers are Good!)
Other pals met along the way(some relatives): Shanti (my best-est friend), Paru, Ganesh (two people for teasing yet encouraging. hehe), Venki, Krishna@Rama, Shan, Viki (parteners i should say..from UPSR)
Old School mates: john, nick arvind, joe, mark, wong, shash, nick anth, pratap, velu. (i am who i am now because of these people- they kept me going strong)
School Teachers especially Pn. Puvanesvary.
And many others... to those who know me quite well, you should also know that i forget easily, so do forgive me if i didnt put your name down here. Thanks guys!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all for the congratulations and wishes which flooded in, by all means- sms, calls, by person, and some by all 3 means too!...Thanks!!
Appreciate it. Thanks... Hope to receive your continued support. Cheers!

August 17, 2008

_ _ _

Today was the most nervous day of my life thus far,
Nothing more scary compared to today, Nothing,
Many things depended on today,
the date today was marked months ago on calender,
with such high expectations on today's outcome, Firefox "brilliantly" decides to fail today, (talk about great timing!)
Prior to this Hour, i was no where near to the modern world of the World Wide Web when i got a message "ITS OUT!!"
Nothing is going through my head today and at this Hour, besides, "i want to get home Now! Lets Go! Its Out! What are we waiting here for 1 hour for?!?!"
Rushed home all nervous, drove like a drunkard, tore the pin code slip, Hit the www,
And all i got was, with continuous repetition , " Incomplete Registration, Please check for errors and Complete details"
There i am waiting for it to reveal, and all i get from the Internet is "How is it??" in the background, flashing green and buzzing non-stop, but no progress to be observed in the most important page, The official web page,
This web page remains White with a blue bar running really slow at the bottom, Time felt like it just stopped, waiting for me to commit suicide before resuming play,
Phone buzzing on my left, calls, texts flooding in with happy type outs and voices, also, asking "how was it?"
All i can reply is, "congrats, hold on, haven't checked",
Everything was at stake, Future, Love, Pride, Money, Hope,
Still, there i am waiting, waiting and get over the suspense.
Such agony it was... Switched to Internet Explorer, and then, things got better...The Page finally opened, i Jumped out of _ _ _ !!
Today is the 14th of August
The Hour, 4pm
The Occasion, A Levels Results...(online)

August 14, 2008

14th August 2008

Today, My A Levels final results are coming out. suppose to be 4 pm, but it was released at 2.40, my friend texted me...and then on ive been nervous...
Im going to check it online in a few minutes...
i am soo nervous now, i was even delayed in checking my results as i went out. just got back.
Good Luck to all my fellow friends.
i hope for the best, and i pray i get the best i need.
Need to make my Family and Friends proud...come on gan!

August 10, 2008

Glory Glory Man Utd!!

The real Champions prevailed!
Yeah, Manchester United won the Fa Community shield after battling out with Portsmouth. This is a competition contested by the English Premier League Champions and FA Cup Winners of the Previous season, which acts as a curtain raiser for the new season which starts Next weekend. (yeah, sorry ladies, we're booked on weekend nights now on! haha). It was a great game- For Manchester Utd that is. Since this was the Curtain Raiser for the season, hopefully, this season for Man Utd will be as great if not better than this tonight. An overall great performance from Champions League and English Premier League Double Champions- Manchester United.
Outstanding Performance from the squads to me would be:
Manchester United: Tevez, Nani, Fletcher, Evra.
Portsmouth: David James.

The game was throughout controlled by Man U. But, the game ended Scoreless unfortunately, and with the rules for this competition, It straight goes to penalties. Which ended 3-1 to MU.
Van der Sar saved one, and 2 went over the bar for pompey.
At the end of the day, the deserving team won it.
Btw, such enthrawlling display from Man Utd was without the likes of Ronaldo and Rooney.
And our Captain, Gary Neville played for about 65 minutes, which is a good thing for the team.
And Portsmouth's Peter Crouch - Ex Liverpool, didnt do anything much in the game. A tree he was. =p

Now with this opening game done and dusted, Let The Season Begin...Viva La Man Utd!

The team

Manchester United: Van der Sar; Neville (Brown 67), Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra; Fletcher, O'Shea (Carrick 67), Scholes, Nani (Campbell 79); Giggs, Tevez.
Subs not used: Kuszczak, J Evans, Possebon, R da Silva.

Tevez and Nani

Evra and Fletcher

Crouch and James

August 7, 2008

HELP A Levels Annual Ball - Prom

Okay, this is a waaaaay overdue post.
But since it was ages ago, let me make it as short as possible and focus on the main events of the day only aite.
Okay, Before that, i had an Interview at Penang Medical College in Penang itself (yes, in Penang!). Which was the same morning as my prom, so after finishing the Interview, i was in a rush to get back to KL. But the thing was, parents had to run some errands for grandparents because they stayed alone and have no transportation. So, yeah, was patient. Afterall i had to leave Penang latest by 1pm only(interview finished at 11). But in the end, we were a little late in departing Penang, and then en route to KL, my dads Civic gave some overheating problems, so dad drove slowly with high caution.
Okay, so i woke up at one point of the journey and saw the time, it was 6.00pm, and we were just about to enter KL. The prom was scheduled at 7pm! I knew i couldn't get back to Kajang to freshen up at that point. So where did i resort to? R&R sg. Buloh. yes, a R&R. Did the best to get as fresh as possible after a hard fought interview and a long journey from the North in the R&R. (Thank god i brought my Coat suit and tie..otherwise i was soo dead) Can you believe i used a tissue to dry my hair? my towel was stuck deep in luggage, so was my hair wax.
ok then, arrived before quite a number of my friends to KL Hilton (to my surprise), The Venue of the Prom. Didn't recognize my classmates for a second when i entered the Lobby (don't blame me, everyone looked more beautiful and dashing than usual!). And yeah, i was tired too, but put on the best smile i could and pushed it through the whole day.
So friends came at 7pm, registered, and moved on to our tables. Started camwhoring that very second onwards.
Then came the food, which was okay in general, the scallops wasn't too good. sides that, everything, great!
The Hosts did their thing, and performances went well, and the selection of the prom king and queen was quite fun too. The hosts certainly made the event lively. They are from Hitz and Mix if im not mistaken.
Okay, moving on, throughout the night, there was alot of flashbulbs flashing, some even caused blinding effects. Anyway, i managed to snap a shot with everyone of my friends i think, Almost la. Some mates left early, regretted not being able to take with them. But was happy with the Number of pictures taken. I have to say though, i wasn't happy with the Quality of the pictures, i looked tired or weird in most of the pics, some i failed to smile! can you believe that!
Then came the dancing, i don't know what got into me, i just dance the shit out of me (released A Levels Stress you think? Maybe. haha). That was fun. I didn't know it would have been That fun! okay, that drained out the last bit of energy in me. Was Flat after that, and i had to drive back all the way to Kajang. Considering these circumstances, i pulled out of the After Prom party, and headed home, so did most of my classmates. Its a little disappointing i know, but considering the Long day i had, i was pretty satisfied with getting home, and skipping the After Prom events.
Oh, and as you'd have noticed, i attended the prom single, without a date that is. Sad? Thats what most of those whom i told my prom story to said la. Well, It would have been greater to have attended it with a date im sure, but i still had fun, loads! And considering my hectic pre-prom events, i doubt i could have made my date's day even if i had one. From the picking up to the night full of energy and fun. As i was late for prom itself And tired, thus my date would have suffered (IF i had one in the first place). Oh, I doubt anyone really noticed i was tired. a good actor i can be eh? hehe. Yeah, that was as short as possible i could speak on my prom.

Below are Handpicked pics for this blog, some appearing on my public profile for the first time. Choose them Specifically because some might have seen my Facebook pics. :)

The setting at KL Hilton

The romantic touch to it...sadly, i was dateless as mentioned above. =p

Before going into the Grand Ballroom

At My table with best bros.

My Awesome classmates!!!

Best dish of the day! :) (dessert)

Best bros too.

Tim- Partner in Crime



Xin Wen

The Pretty ladies of my class A 49 (B)

Then to the dance floor, of came the coat, of came the tie and down came a few buttons later on. ;)
That sums up the great day!

All in all, this prom was great, better than my previous High School one. Very much. Thanks guys for making the prom a memorable one, which Justifies our Year and a half together which was full of Good memories.
ok then, will blog on the next happening as soon as possible. stay tuned.

PS: I'd like to thank my bro for bringing the car and parking it at Brickfields and giving me the car keys, thanks dear bro!
And to ALL my classmates and friends, You All Looked Beautiful- Ladies (i was mentally tired to complement then itself, but i really wanted to already. sigh), Guys- All looked dashing!



Hey ya!
There has been alot of movies released in the past few weeks right? some highly anticipated once as well, and i must admit that i have watched almost All of them. I use the term "admit" as i'm almost broke now!! how sad right. I have the feeling you might say " You deserve it!" by the time you finish reading this post, because i know i shouldn't have watched that many movies.
So, below are the Movies i've watched in Theaters since finishing my A Levels exams in June with a lil review from me too:

Dark Knight (i watched it 3 times! so that's why it was the first i recalled, a good movie of course!)
Indiana Jones 4 ( nice! pretty cool scenes and comedy added to it)
Amazing Grace (something different and nice)
The Incredible Hulk (okay i would say, nothing great for me)
Hancock (some funny parts, stupid story)
Doomsday(crap movie, certain parts were funny, otherwise, a waste of time)
Sex and the city (was a good movie, funny too)
Red Cliff: part 1 (yes, i watched it! even though it was Chinese!)
Wanted (An Okay movie, a lil exaggerated though)
Kung Fu Panda (funny! but a 'lil' boring la)
Get Smart (lame at times, but funny most of the times!!)
(it took me quite a while to recall all the movies i watched to list it down..)
and as you might have noticed, I'm a guy who takes comedy seriously. I love movies loaded with humour even if it is not entirely based on comedy.

Yeap, that was alot of money as you can see....thank god i was a student, otherwise even more money out of pocket...
So a lil maths, that above is 11 movies, and i watched Dark Knight 3 times, so thats a total of 13 visits to the Theatre. 13 movies multiplied by RM 7 average ticket, RM91!!! and considering the fact that i bought concessionaires for some movies, thats alot of money!!! why did i spend so much you ask? i have no idea myself...sigh
But WAIT! Now come to think of it, it was actually worth it!! The fun i had with friends on the outings, is just priceless and i seriously mean it- Awesome fun!. That'd actually be my definition of Holidays. Ultimate fun with the People you love; Friends and Family.

Since i watched Dark Knight 3 times, let me talk on that a little. First watching, with a gang of 'chettis' at Mid Valley, then secondly with college mates at Pavilion, and the Thirdly with local boys at Mid Valley. The first and second viewing was almost back to back. First Dark Knight was very confusing for me, as i believe it was due to the seating, 5th row from the screen in a BIG cinema in MV and right at the side with some big size guy next to me whom i don't know-Stranger. Came out of the cinema and criticized the movie like nuts.
So i carried this conception of it being a hopeless movie for my second viewing, and i didn't enjoy it at all. I wanted to leave the cinema- Had this thought so many times, but there were ppl around me, so it was hard to do so (being tall). I couldn't even go out to get popcorn or a drink. sigh, Torture it was. But this 2nd viewing made me understand almost everything and everything made sense to me-Finally.
Then the 3rd viewing, i Enjoyed it. Yeap, it was great! didnt feel like leaving the cinema At all! haha. weird hah? i know... =p
(Owh, i felt my Third viewing had the best sound system. Mid Valley Medium sized Theater. The one in pavilion wasn't too good)

, and a tribute to Heath Ledger for playing an Awesome Joker! Respect and R.I.P. You deserve an Oscar!

Moving on, the various company i had for each and every movie certainly kept me up and spirited for every single movie and outing i went to. Thank god i have loads of awesome friends. Each outing i went, was different from the previous one for sure, thus no monotony, and hence not boring but instead, just Great Fun!

Sides them, i watched quite a number of movies on Astro and DVDs as well as online movies which include Tamil Movies. One thing i haven't stepped into- Hindi Movies, a few people have urged me to get going with Hindi movies and they even recommend the titles too, just that i haven't did it, as I'm too lazy to go find online sites for them as i don't know bout Hindi movies (and moreover its hard to remember the Movie Titles!!! it sounded alien to me when i heard them!)... So thats on my To Do List now- Get going with Hindi Movies

Movies i've yet to catch;
Hellboy 2
Casino Royale

Yeah, you got me right, Casino Royale... A Levels was Hectic, always on homework, busy with studying or just catching up on sleep. I failed to watch it, till now! sigh. Thats not the only one, a few more movies as well- big profile movies. Hence Now-Holidays, i made it a point to watch as many movies as i can after finishing my Alevels (which you should have noticed above, based on the long list of movies). Thus, in conclusion, Now, at the end of this post, i don't regret watching that many movies. I Now tell myself, "its a reward, for studying and working so hard in the past year and a half. Good Job!". Finally with this post, i have been able to show that my social life is back into gear, and i Now, Have a Life :)

Till my next post then. Nighty night. Cheers!

PS: Kahtuck, the movies i told you i wanted to watch, The Game Plan and Made Of Honor, I'm watching now. I'm done with Made of Honor, moving on to The Game Plan. See, i kept my word. haha. cheers

August 3, 2008

The Past Week - The fun and The Frus

Hi guys, been a very long time since my last post. sigh
unfortunately it was due to Internet problems, not that i was too busy or anything. I don't know what was up with Streamyx, my internet was generally slow. It couldn't even load my blog main page, thus couldn't sign in nor hit 'post new'. sigh. it was real frustration for me. I mean, There i was sitting at home, dying of boredom (past few days) and there, my Internet fails me, i cant browse the web with ease, and neither can i use those hours to blog on stuff i really wanted to considering the fact that some are waaaay overdue. sigh.
To make things worse, my msn messenger and hotmail was not working too. I couldn't sign in to either of them. and i was expecting important emails too! the agony...arghh...
I resorted to ebuddy, IMO or meebo (depending on my liking at that moment), to substitute my msn messenger, and to be honest, i didn't really liked any of it. But again, there was No choice. sigh.

Okay, report, what comes to mind now is my outing with my school friends and futsal with them too! That was the highlight of the past week for me i have to say. We met in mid valley on a Wednesday for lunch, then a round of bowling, caught a movie-Dark Knight (my Third Viewing, Yes, Third!!! don't ask me why...), then headed back to our hood-Kajang for a drink at our usual mamak. It was a short outing, but i had serious fun with them all.
Oh, speaking of bowling, our mate who just got back from UK, joe, started the game going, he hit no pins, just straight into the side drains. He repeated this feat for a further one time. then he said, i quote "this is going to be a loooong day for me...". Okay then i thought to myself, okay more competition for last place, YEAY! cos i was hitting nothing much myself too-didn't know what was the prob, maybe i just wasn't at my best?! (hehe). Moving on, then, Joe started hitting more pins, gradually increased with every bowl. Then, believe it or not, he had THREE strikes in a row! and all of us were pretty shocked. We being friends, mocked him after each strike with the quote above...haha. The boy was just speechless. Eventually he won, and i made a come back for third i think, out of 6 ppl. not bad eh? But i wonder what do they teach him in London, how to play mind games?? whatever it was, it worked, it caught us all by surprise i must say.
Oh forgot one detail, after the 3 consecutive strikes, he bowled Twice while talking on the phone!!! He hit one pin i think, but the point is, he still won us all. Great job joe!

Thats joe in red, holding a phone to the right ear and a ball on the right hand He lines up...aims...

...He BOWLS!
Note: Still on the phone...

.......and He doesn't care the number of pins he just hit, after all the game was won with just 3 strikes and a follow up 9 pin
Note: Still on the phone...

Owh, we nicknamed him Monkey, cos of certain issues which i doubt can be brought up to the net, because thats the only thing we haven't done yet. lol.

next on, Futsal-ing sessions were awesome too, a bunch of close friends, playing our favourite sport together-It had to be fun right? indeed it was!
It was a Saturday, so yeap, all of us were free, went for futsal at our usual place and then headed for lunch. Missed john and nick anth, sides them everyone was there. So of course, Awesome fun!
Supposed to hit a nearby cinema in the evening, but some couldn't make it, so we called it off... Still, a great week with my local boys.

Another unique thing in the past week was this Who Can Stay Awake the Longest kinda thing, which was supposed to be Who can Stay Online and Chat the Longest with a friend of mine. I must admit, only after this i came to know her better. Shes awesome! (btw, devi, the score is 2-1 to me actually!!!! its not 2 all as you say it is!) But, then came my parents nagging me to sleep early and wake up early because i was waking up almost everday at 12pm. They didnt know i slept at 5 am or around there, so they assumed i was sleeping ALOT.. Well, this competition was worth the nagging i think- the fun and pride in beating a friend in something. Oooh, just simply great! :)

Owh, and another short thing i must mention, a trip to Bangsar for Baskins and Dinner which was supposed to be sushi at Bangsar Village (but sushi was cancelled, not too sure why). My lil' boss Paru as i call her (i worked with her for culturals; and this title is used only during work :) which i must add- job was completed successfully), supposed to treat me a pint of Baskins so yeap, she set it up last Thursday since it was a 31st. Went with a few others including my big boss (because he was the organiser for the culturals-lol; off work-a very nice friend, bro like!) and my own dear bro. I drove, parked, was late due to traffic, (i was smart enough to TRY a new way..diverted into Brickfields on a Thursday night-and you should know the jam there which i am to add is mainly due to Traffic lights and that one 'pasar malam'..sigh) Anyway, got there, had dinner at this Indian restaurant, i cant recall the name though, think it was Nirwana..? Think so. So yeah, had dinner there, then headed to Baskins.
For the very first time i saw a place other than a bank or a government office that we customers needed to take a number!!!! yes, as you noticed my utter disbelief , it was one of my first few trips to Baskin and Robins and a first on a crowded day of such-31st. spent a lil' time with jovial people who can make good spontaneous jokes while waiting for our number to be called (20 numbers!).. Then, we ordered and then big boss paid first, then he had to leave. So did was a short trip, but it was a good exposure to Baskins for me, from the ordering to the dry ice which the specifically place according to your travel time... and of course, another good outing with fun people and Great Ice cream which i indulged as soon as i got home.
Yeap, that sums up my week, those were the highlights.
And boy oh boy, it feels soo good to finally be able to blog. yeah. relieved...sigh.

Nice Friend a.k.a Lil' Boss

Bro like a.k.a Big Boss (in black shirt)

Till my next, signing off, gan.
Hopefully, there wont be anymore internet problems.. That'd be last thing you ever want in this Techy-Modern World today... its a pain, seriously.