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August 24, 2008

Pre Departure Orientation; Med School

So, Here is where i shall begin my journey of med school life, online... Yeap, you heard me right, will be blogging as time passes from today, to the very last day- Graduation with the title "Dr." i should add.
This was one of the main reasons i started my blog, as i'd be leaving to Ireland to Start my Med School, thus to let others keep in touch with me.

Okay, first things first,
so, i'd be studying medicine at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, in short RCSI, Which twins with Penang Medical College, in short PMC. Its a 5 year course, whereby i do 2 and a half there in Dublin, Ireland, then the remainder of 2 and a half years here in Penang.
Okay thats that, now let me move on to todays event. So today was my Pre-Departure Orientation organized by PMC itself here at Legend Hotel (above The Mall). I have to say, i was really looking forward to this date, August 24th as i would be meeting all my course mates, of which i would be with for 5 years and we have alot to go through together. Friendships are to be knotted on this date, and Friends are the pillar of success. So a very important date to me.

Okay, where do i start...hmmm. Ah, okay, from the parking lot at Legend Hotel- To my amazement, the parking lot for the hotel was at levels 7,8 and 9 and you enter the carpark at level B1. So it was a Continuous Spiral all the way from B1 to the 7th floor! ouch, headache it was. i had to close my eyes a little while (oh, dad drove, not me. haha) So yeah, parked, then went for lunch at The Mall, then got back to the hotel lobby for registration.
Registered, they gave a sticker with my name on it, stuck it onto my shirt pocket and moved into the Grand Ballroom. As i was entering, 2 familiar faces passed by me, infact, they stopped to have a chat first. They were the Star Edu Fund Manager- Mr. Richard Foo and PMC Manager- Ms. Janice. Surprised how they know me? Well, here is where i reveal that i went for the RCSI scholarship interview held all the way in Penang, in the college itself, quite some time ago. Then came another familiar face, PMC Dean, Prof. Amir Khan. He stopped by too, said a few words and moved in. I was already very happy then as these people remembered me!! I mean of course right, they interviewed me. (i must add, that was the toughest interview i've ever attended!)
To add, Yes, i successfully obtained the Scholarship. :) Was near to tears when i heard the news through a phone call from The Star.

Okay, back to today, then i collected the Pre-Departure booklets and went in finding for a seat. Sat on the second row from the front, but as i entered, there were soo many people already seated there, that made me realise how big PMC actually was. Didn't have the time to mix around with the then strangers though, as i was seated infront and they were about to get things going up infront at the rostrum. Bored as i sat down, i flipped through the Programme booklet, then i spotted something. " Presentation of PMC Scholarships By Mr. Eugene Hutchinson, Irish Ambassador". i had to reread it 3 times to come to my senses and i quickly showed it to my dad. No i wasn't overjoyed, i was Nervous! heart started pumping blood faster, suddenly! i wasn't aware of such a thing!! i wasn't informed!! anyway, as the speeches went on, i tried listening, but i couldn't focus entirely on them...i was disturbed. I was already thanking God as i wore formal attire with tie, i seriously wasn't aware of this (some people came in T-shirts you know...) As each speech passed, blood starting rushing through my vessels at high KNOTS! Tried taking deep breathes, but i was recovering from a flu, so my nose was still blocked thus i played embarrassing music each time i took a deep breath. I stopped on this method after a few attempts, as i was making a fool of myself.
Then came the moment, they called my name followed by University destination - RCSI.
With pride and honor i got up in the storm of claps, tried walking with head held high, but as much as i tried, my legs were shaking badly (though, not obvious from the audience point of view i guess). Successfully made it onto the stage, the Prof and Staff seated on the floor smiled at me as i walked past them, that made me forget my nervousness i think, anyway, got to the stage, got the award, snapped a shot and then got back to my seat, now easily walking with head held high. Proudest moment in my life i must say getting the award from two Irish men of reputable profession and job, Drs of which one is the PMC president and the other the Irish Ambassador (photos to follow below). Oh and i felt most comfortable in this photo shoot as the Irish men were as tall as me, i could stand straight without hunching. :)
Then came a speech on a medical students life there in Ireland and Opportunities there as well as a little tips from a final year medical student named Jason (who wrote a book!). After that i was already looking forward even more to leaving to Ireland. Next up, was tea break, where to my surprise quite a number of people came over and spoke to me.. :) including paul's sister (paul my ex-classmate). All those people i met, were very friendly i must say...looking forward to studying with them already.

After the break, we were separated to small groups which were already marked on our name tags, and an appointed senior student headed the group and briefed us on almost everything, and he was really patient with all our questions i have to say. Thanks Jeffrey!
Then time came, and we had to leave, settled some final things on my scholarship and agreements with the staff there, and left the place.

Blurred pic in the camera, but still a Point sharp image in my mind
L-R: PMC president, myself, UCD scholar, Irish Ambassador, PMC Director

Group Briefing (girl next to me is paul's sis and next to her is our senior who briefed us)

Overall, an awesome event! with awesome people, looking forward now! :) also now, i am soooo ready for Ireland (mentaly la)
But i have to start on the packing Now on only..sigh, Starting with shopping tmrw.

But Still, There is a bigger event to come, already marked on my calender...Hehehe....cant wait for that! :)

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