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December 31, 2008

The Year That Marked it for Me - 2008

This has been the year that has changed my life the most, in alot of ways.

A great Year, a Memorable one.
A year that thought me to perform under stress and pressure.
A year that thought me to Cherish all those that i have.
A Year that showed me the true meaning of Success.
A year that made me learn more about myself.
A year that has made me work like nuts and get paid off for it.
A year that i had the best longest holidays in my life.
A year that i won a "lucky draw" with a little bit of charm, personality and talent.
A Year that i made my best friends count higher.
A Year that thought me to say Goodbyes.
A year equally spent with Parents, Friends at home, and in a new world with new Friends but away from parents and the old friends.
A Year that i took a 14 hour flight to a Country half way around the world to live independently.
A year i have made more new bonds.
A year that i Entered my final stages of education, Med School.
A year that i enter Uni life.
A year that I've gotten alot of experience from, and hence,
I've grown up. To be a better person, for sure.
A great year, a memorable one.

Thank You God, for a wonderful year - 2008. I will certainly remember this year, as my best to date. All the Fun and things I've learnt, is just priceless. I wouldn't trade my year with someone elses. Its been great. I thank You.
What i look forward to in the New Year:
A year as good as this, or just a year that can teach me more, and make me a better person as a whole and train me to be a great Doctor in the near future. I don't ask much. You shall give me what you think is best, that is all i hope for.

But i will strive to make 2009 a greater one than 2008.

Parents, i miss you all. Friends, I miss you all greatly too! I love all of you, the ones here too.

Happy New Year! May you have a great year ahead 2009. The year i mark my presence with 20. A milestone for me. From being 6 inches to being 6 foot in height. From being a baby to studying med school.

Have a blessed new year everyone!

Plans for tonight: out for dinner with friends, then to Christ Church for their Bell ringing (a tradition here) or Liffey River (if there is fireworks) late at night to bring in the New Year with a bang.


One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

December 29, 2008

How to study to pass?

I realised i can study on how to get the highest score such as First Class Honours.
But i really dont know on how to study just to pass. Seriously no idea. Never had the need to study for that. But now, here in med school, almost everyone is doing that. And with being sick and with time constraints, i have to go for that too (for this semester atleast).

Of course the aim is to score as high as possible, but seriously, the main goal is to pass. Everyone here is doing that. But im really inexperienced at this, if you ask me to study long hours the night of the exam, i usually say no. But this time around, it might be a whole different thing.

I am to go against soo many principles of mine if im to pass this exam. And this is new grounds for me, im scared i do it the wrong way, and fall at the end. The risk im to take might just prove out to be hopeless.

Let me rely on god as ever, and hope for the best. Thats all i can do i guess. Study hard and leave the rest to Him. :)


PS: im almost well, but still on flu and a little dehydarted, on rehydration sachets and glucose tablets already. If things get worse tmrw, will be visiting the medical centre here. I think i wouldnt need to.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

December 28, 2008

Late Night Pharmacy?

Went out just now finding for a Pharmacy and also to get isotonic drinks. As i realised i was still badly dehydrated (mouth, lips, tongue, throat all was very dry at 5 Am all the way till after i get up. I keep getting up and drinking water, but it gets that dry back in an hour. Its really frustrating to have a spoilt sleep). Been drinking water bottles after bottle for the past two days, but its just not working. Hence i needed something strong from the pharmacy to rehydrate.

So after Mellisa's mum cooked us a sumptuous dinner, we came back at 9.45pm and then i left on this hunt of mine... One pharmacy nearby was initially open, but then there wasn't anyone in there. So i went all around Dublin 2. All the streets! angel, Camden st, trinity area, Grafton, and mercer street. All of them were closed. How i try identify these pharmacies from a distance is the bright green plus sign showing that its a pharmacy. And its even written "Late Night Pharmacy" on All of them! but it was just 10pm and they were all closed. Is 10pm Late? i went to one on Grafton and saw that their normal closing time was 8.30, and they also called themselves late night pharmacy! what nonsense is this.

I'm really frustrated i couldn't find a pharmacy, an Open one. I really thought i can take the rehydrating stuff now, and then wake up in the morning feeling all good, then can start studying. But, i guess thats just not meant to be i guess.

All i could get was isotonic drinks in a 7/11 like store called Centra. I finished One bottle while on the late night cold alone walks.. Felt quite sad doing so. There was this one guy i think suspected me to be a thief or Oh well, i decided to get back home and not go to Dublin 1. (thankfully!) Tmrw morning, if I'm still not feeling good, its the pharmacy.. First thing in the morning. I saw that most of them open at 8Am. Which is good. :)

Gonna hit the bed now.. Need to wake up early tmrw. Hopefully after a good night sleep.

What Late night Pharmacy! crap.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- Even if all the pharmacies are against you.

3 Days and still counting

Its been 3 days ive been sleeping past... Finally signs of improvement. But brain seems not to be accepting studying in still. I can go no longer than 15 minutes of studying something relatively easy/ or something that ive studied previously. Guess my brains not all well yet. I just cant wait for it to be back, hopefully fresher than ever... Hopefully.

Feeling abit lethargic, and oh, when you're not well for 3 days, sleeping all the way, and to add having fairly long hair, the whole world would have seen you unpresentable... lol. Yeah, all my friends who have dropped by have seen me in my most unpresentable state, sick, tired, all messed up and not fresh nor happy.

I Really wanna start studying!! If im prefectly fine now, you give me my lecture notes, im sure i will fully concentrate on it and get it done... but sigh, my head cant just take it in now...

Atleast im feeling better than 2 days ago, I was soo damn sick... never been through that feeling here in Dublin.. Sigh. :( Anyways, setting sight on getting well for now. Then get into full swing for studies as there is certainly no point in diverting attention now between studies and getting well.. :)

Id like to thank all those who have been here with me. Thanks! :)

Im confused. What are your plans for me? Im really confused... 3 days and still counting?

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- Even when youre sick and not studying...

December 26, 2008

Not too good...

Have i over exhausted myself when i was falling sick.. I think so.
But maybe, it could have been the virus or infection itself that has caused me to feel that bad..

This is the worst i have felt sick to date here in ireland.
My body is super HOT (not sexy Hot, but oh well, you judge. :P)... this is agonising!!

I dont have a thermometer, but if i did i think my body temp would be 39 degress i think... i hope i not.. maybe my face is 39.5 deg or something... I just feel like removing my nose off!! its all heavy, blocked, sticky, hot breath accumulates there, have to use mouth to breathe, but got sore throat, cant eat/drink and breathe at the same time... Arrggggh! The worse part is, the outside room is very cold. and my face and body is soo hot! which worsens things compared to falling sick in Malaysia...

My eyes burns when i shut them... and then i start tearing automatically. My breath is like a dragons flame of furry!...

And to look on the negative side, tmrw is boxing day. And i asumme The hospital here is closed. And then its the weekend, which they are closed.. So if i get any worse, it wont be till monday that i can see a doctor... :(

And tmrw is Boxing Day!!! where things go real cheap!!!! i wanna go!!! but i have two other things to consider,
1. Rest at home and not exert myself out in the cold and shopping through the crowd.
2. I need to study.. i havent done much yesterday and today (christmas eve and christmas itself..).. Feeling guilty... (had a christmas party today, a few friends and i organised, it went great... but i got worse...)

Option one is worrying me more.. Sigh. As i need to get well first before studying.. or i will be damaging my brain cells...

I've done all right today, all for christmas.. but why?? i shall just continue to have faith in Him. He brought me to this, He will bring me through it. He must have reasons. I hope its blessing in disguise... I hope.... really hope.. i cant afford much time not studying.. i really cant... im on the verge of not doing well in my exams.. which freaks me out like nuts.

Sick gan.

PS1: Mum, if youre reading, dont get too worried. Im okay. I have great friends here, they wont let me go down.. :) no worries...

PS2: Thing i want for christmas: My Kajang Clinic Doctor's Wonder Sore Throat Stick Wipe.. Its a magic medicine to me...

Love you all... for me, its loads of bed rest, panadols, loads of water, less dairy, loads of fruits...

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it. Even when you're sick...

December 22, 2008

Christmas Week

Hey all! finally a post with paragraphs and essay style. :)

I was having a walk out to Meteor Shop on Grafton Street to get credit for Melissa (who is currently in London with her Parents) and i noticed that Grafton has never been THIS crowded before! Its a MONDAY night! And it was really crowded! worse than a Friday night!
The only explanation i could come up with was that its christmas in 3 more days, so everyone is on leave and going around shopping for presents and so on.

I realised the extent of christmas and its holidays only here. As Jeffrey's comp was infected by a virus this morning so he headed to IT department of RCSI to get his computer fixed and all he came back surprisingly fast with his laptop in hand and went like; "good news! the IT department is closed until the 5th of January!! Sigh...."
Why such a long break?? maybe because of new year and Christmas being very close to each other hence might itself take one long break. But anyway, we students who have to study suffer. As really depend on our computers.
So dear friends Here, take care of your laptops, No IT dept for 2 weeks!!

Its really quiet back here at home, almost all my friends are away or busy or sick. One whole big bunch went to Belfast, and then a few others to other places and doing their own thing.
There is No One on skype! lol. That was the weirdest thing. Anyway, the whole Belfast clan is coming back later tonight. Hope everyones having fun!

My whole Millin Residence, There is only 9 ppl still here, the rest of the foreigners have headed home (out of 25). And i have the whole floor to myself and the whole fridge! so me and my roommate stocked up alot of food in there! :) A rare occasion...

On Christmas night a few friends and i are planning a christmas potluck with activites nite, in our basement itself. Cant wait for that. Filled with food of all cultures and games! :)

My biological clock has hit its normal (Nocturnal mode). And im getting work done. But past two days, i have had broken hours of sleep into two. So i think thats affecting my body chemistry.. I assume too much toxic, need a good night/day sleep tmrw to cure it i believe. Lets hope i can afford it.
Watched Aegan this morning. A tamil movie, watched it off net. I think its an okay movie, but bad direction. Lame parts were exaggerated. Important parts were sooo simple and Lame.

yeah, i think that should conclude this week and past few days...
now back to the notes. :)
Have fun all! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Aegan Movie Stills:

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

Things that keep me going..

Things that keep me going:

Music, Desire, Friends, Chocolate, Purpose, Compliments, God.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

December 20, 2008

Things i hate/dislike

Things i hate or dislike here. Some even back at home.

1. People calling me black and not brown (im indian! not african american! i may not be fair, but come on have respect for my race man! atleast respect me!).
2. Girls who think they are hot (overdoing it, and treating guys like crap).
2. Burnt pizzas.
4. Not studying/ not having a productive day.
5. Not being able to make those around me be all happy and cheery.
6. Being tired.
7. Being Overemo.
8. My stuff being stolen from the freezer.
9. Not getting replies, return calls, emails.
10. People starting rumours out of nothing.
11. Waking up late/oversleeping.
12. Seeing my room in a mess.
13. People Yelling at me.
14. Not carrying out my due responsibilities successfully.
15. My internet and computer not working as it should.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

Family and Friends.

Its a friday night, yet again...
My semester has just ended.. but well, i dont know why, im just bored. Went out for a steamboat dinner with my classmates along with a few seniors. But i just got bored. I wasnt myself then i think. I usually dont become unnoticeable in a party, am i that tired? But, come to think of it, i woke up at 10.30. Ive slept alot, and just had 2 classes... Why? Weird... Im just stonning in my room... :(

Miss all my friends back home.. Always had a friend to call and hang out with at anytime of the day or just to talk to. Here, its not been the case.. Miss you all back at home!

And i miss my parents and bro dearly. All those funny moments with them... Aww... Miss you all.
My dad can narrate an incident in the most hilarious way, the way he told me about my granddad wanting to use the toilet on the highway was to his latest. I actually cried when he told me that over skype. It was exaggerated (as usual) but, nevertheless really funny.

My bro teasing me, missing that too... Realised that when we had a chat on msn lately. I greatly miss him, and the chats we have on football and any sport for that matter. (Arsenal aint gonna win the EPL this year! Booo! :P A bunch of school kids. Phew, unproductive. :P)
Been having lovely chats with my beloved bro. I miss his presence greatly, the one i could tell almost everything about. And ofcourse, i miss teasing him too! hehe.

And i miss my mum too, ofcourse, but i think she misses me more. Maybe thats cos im the busy one, and shes currently very free. Bro is rarely at home, and without me back there, i think the home must be quite dead when shes on leave and dad at work. She just loves talking to me, my dad makes fun of her on that, but she just never stops. All my byes last like about 20 mins with her. And everytime before we end a convo, i will get the health tip of the day by Mum (which was also the health tip of the previous day, and the day before that, and before that and for the past 19 years). I can recite it all out more than my Anatomy. lol. Mum claims dad has no one to hit around (physical, but not the brutal hitting) as im not there.. so shes getting all the hitting. lol.

And i miss teaming up with my dad and teasing my bro and mum also.. :) All the fun moments. Mum eventually will get angry, but well, all in the name of a good joke. I dont quite miss the home cooked food, but i miss all my family, greatly. :)

I think thats what im lacking today.. Everyone seems to be going back home, and/or some of my friends parents are coming over this weekend. Its just Christmas, but as everyones going back, i want my family too! Skyping just aint good enough, quite sick of Skype. I actually enjoyed chatting with my mum (not on skype) although it takes longer to convey a message in words.

Alll these are just some of the things i miss from my family... Theres loads. But nevertheless, dont get me wrong, im just feeling like i miss them. Im not in a critical condition to the extent i need help. So Parents, Do not fear, im doing good! :) Studying is coming along great. Very Productive. Just miss you all, and my friends.

Sem just ended, boy oh boy, time flew... Its 2.5 months in. And then 3 weeks to exams, then 2 weeks exams, then holidays. So fast half a Academic year gone by then. For me time is fast, but as i was telling my aunt, i bet time is real slow for my family back at home... Real slow i guess. And to imagine that they are going to be going through this for 5 years is a really agonising thing. Guess they will just have to get used to it... I now only realise that by me coming away from home, is more of their sacrifice than mine. Im doing great here with friends here, but im certainly sure the house is more quiet than usual. I may sound "perassan" or something, but i know my family quite well, im sure they'd miss me, by now already... Thanks for the sacrifice of sending me abroad and baring with the quietness of the house. 5 years, is going to be a long time, but i hope time flies... i bet it will.

Semester has ended as of today, and i dont have any plans now, but study... hardcore...
Guess i will continue back to my stonning.

Take care all! i miss all of you!!!! DEARLY!

The cameraman tried sooo hard to get my dad smiling, and this is the best he could.. haha, it was really funny on how hard he tried to make dad smile. lol. I must say, we all look so uptight here. In real life, no one is like this! all are so laid back and chillaxed. And my dads coat is oversized, what can i say, he lost weight with his extreme walks lately. And yes, here is where you will get the idea of my height Genes. Obvious eh. But wait! mums short. Yes she is! hehe. sorry amma, but you yourself admit it. :) and she gets bullied by me, bro And dad easily. She fits into our arms Easily... We love her! Easy to cuddle. :)
This is the first time my family pic is hitting the net. Im proud of my family. Greatly. Parents used to say how shy i was when i was small to let ppl know they were my parents (god knows why i was) but anyway, now Im Not. Very sure. Never Prouder. I hope i have made them proud. If not, im sure i will, in the near future. Thats my ambition. As my ambition to become a doctor is in its final stage now... Hence my new ambition sides to succed in life in general.

Im who i am because of this ppl, they brought me up in such a way. Love you all.
The blog title should be just "Family" i guess, as i have lost all my pics of my friends... My hard disk crashed. Or atleast i think it did.

Signing off,

for parents, sigining off,
your little one (age wise... :) )

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

December 16, 2008

Guilt - Sorry...

Im home, just to feel even worse then before leaving... The trip was great, allright.

But the guilt in me is just aganosingly painful.. How could i be soo dumb? why did i have to do it? Why of all people? why not me!?

One of the worst things that could happen to someone is guilt i'd say. Knowing that you could have done better or not do such things really kills.
The event i organised went pretty well i said, but someone got badly bruised and injured during the preparation, and to add, it happened to someone that i dearly love too.

I was the cause of it.. Why did it not happen to me instead!, i was using it first! i brought it! why o why... Im the one organising the event... I should have had the losses not those who helped me!

The feeling you have when the somone is trying to be nice to you by not saying that its your fault when she explains herself to others (appreciate it...but) is even more painful when you yourself know that its you that caused it all... If i was thinking more clearly, or if i even Thought for a second, none of this would have happened. Do i blame it on stress? no i cant! it was just me being stupid...

Because of me, that someone is going through a torrid time, and what could be worse than leaving her alone immediately after inflicting it... poor girl had to go through all the pain, which rapidly increased as days doctor to go to, no drug to take...

Hearing her talk on the pain is already bad, and reading on it just makes it worse... Given the circumstances that shes to have a big week ahead from this coming weekend...

I just admire her...she can laugh her pain off, and come up with jokes over it and so on.. Shes just soo cool... but why her!!... :(

I would say pain is greater in you when it happens to someone you cheerish than it happening to you yourself...

I shall pray that she gets well by this weekend, Atleast...

Sigh.. :(

Sorry Rachel...

One Life, One Love, enjoy every bit of it- with those you love.

December 12, 2008

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Pui Ling, this is for you, and Nikki. ;)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

December 8, 2008


Yes, its been a week since i came back from belfast, hence its due time i blogged about it. By the way, its 5.22 AM here in Dublin, dont ask me why im awake. Those who know me well enough Should know the reason. ;) yeah guys.

As i wrote in my previous post, i had a nervy hectic last week. Weekend was relaxing, totally. Hence thats why im blogging Now only on Belfast.

A group of 8, Cool Malaysians, A City up north of home, a place of great scenery, and no worries on exams, all this had to mean one thing, simply, Fun. Indeed it was.

8 + 1 (tour guide) = 9

Left Home at 5.15 to Busaras (the main bus terminal) in dublin, a 20 minutes walk in the dark, in the cold, with our trolley bags sound only to be heard to our ears. Grafton street has never been that dead before... well it was 5 AM on a Saturday Morning. The drunkards would all be sound asleep either in their homes or road sides after partying hard on a Friday Night.
Got the bus at 6, and each of us got 2 seats Each, the bus was empty. Talked a while, took a few pictures and all of us dozed off. Jeff initially took out his notes to study, but i think he eventually fell asleep.

6AM, Bus Eireaan. Destination: Belfast

We got down at the last stop, and the best part, we didnt know where we were. We or atleast i thought we should have gotten off in the second last stop and not the last. And to our surprise, it was written somewhere- "Belfast International Airport this way --->" That was a shocking sign to me. "did we All oversleep??!"
As we were running around to the toilets and also trying to orientate ourselves, Evelyns friend showed up, PC. Yes thats what he asked us to call him. PC. That was when we were in peace of mind, phew..relieved. (imagine seeing an International Airport when we should be seeing a Bus Station!)


We stepped out of the bus station, in to the Shivering Cold. "what happened to a Warm Greeting!?" It was sooo darn freaking cold! Thats when i remembered seniors saying, "you must be really smart to go up north at This time!" Yeah, so we were the smart ones already, we thought we were lost, and then we were shivering out in the cold. Yet, we walked all around Belfast town and its housing area. To the extent, even my (brown) hands started turning Red! The most excruciating pain my hands have ever been through to date. Anyway, we thought that was just how things were... The city was dead at 10 AM. It looked more like a country side, when compared to Dublin (dublin! i love you!).. "where were the people!? all sleeping!? Warm Welcome?? what happened? why the cold greetings?!?"

First sight of Belfast

Then PC left us after showing us part of Queens Uni Of Belfast, where he studies Architecture.

Queens Uni of Belfast

Spot The Not.

The Guys: Me, Ken, PC, Jeff

We took a one day pass bus and then headed to our hostel area. And had lunch in the oldest pub to date in Belfast... It was pretty allright i guess, but my portion was a little small i'd say.

Mel and Jeff

Evelyn and Yun

Then we went on our own walking tour, before PC joined us back later in the evening. Saw the things that needed to be seen, took pictures, learnt abit on the City of Belfast.

Night came, we didnt know what else there was too see, so we PC brought us to this new shopping area. and he gave us 2 hours to shop. (night meaning 4pm!).

Shopping mall... Open Front Entrance

Thats the shopping mall...

Then we went to this Bazzar infront of the City Hall for dinner... Eat Kangaroo meat burger, friends took a few other different kinds of meat, and then had their german sausage, and later on a drink- Baileys + Hot Chocolate which was quite good... We SAW the Eye On Belfast (huge thing, but 8 sterling)

Eye On Belfast. and the Bazaar.

Then to the weirdest part of the night, we took a bus to the foot of a hill which is where Bellfast Castle was situated. Walked up the hill, in a misty night... up up and up... The walk got a little boring, as we were the smart ones walking up there at Night, so, we decided to freak someone out... (sorry evelyn..) Well it was all in the name of a good Laugh. and so it was, but not for her, she was horrified for a short while. (eventually she took revenge on us all!).
We went up to realise we couldnt enter the Castle as there was a private party going on. so all we saw was the outside and thier nice garden. There is where PC started talking about the history of this castle, he called it The Belfast Slaughter. We all bought it, to the extent Rachel went, "i shall go home and Google it!". We realised we were conned, when he went like " and on November 28 2008 a group of Malaysian students bought this story of...*begins getting wooed at*
Evelyn claimed she knew it all along, that she was the one who gave him the idea, but we were not buying her story now. lol.

Belfast Castle

The Garden

The Back

Watched a little TV, a short chat with all once getting home in the TV lounge after shower, and then hit the bed, was dead tired.

The girls room.

Woke up at 7 from our bunk beds style accomodation, and then got ready for the long day ahead. Giant Causeway was in store for us today... Went to Spars (7/11 like store) and got sandwhiches and so on for that days Lunch as Giant Causeway is at the Coastal area. Went on with a tour bus, Paddywagon. Slept on the way there, then saw snow (on the ground! already laid), and then we reached our destination. The sight was magnificient. In the bus and also when we got there.
Walked alot and took alot of pictures, and headed back to the bus. Realised we were late by 10 minutes... we somehow split to 3 groups, jeff, rach and me were a little late, but the other 5, were fairly later. That got the tour guide angry,

Tour guide: 1 times 8, where are the rest!! (he referred to us as 1 x 8 as it was a grp booking)
Jeff: On the way, *in a dying voice* 10 minutes..
Tour Guide (TG): Hah? how many minutes?
Jeff: 5 minutes
TG: 5 Minutes we cannot afford 1 times 8! 2 minutes.
Gan: Okay okay, calling them now. *jeff, rach and gan all using our Meteor Dublin lines calling their Meteor Dublin lines, were not too good in terms of connection i say*

Ken and Eve, ran into the bus. So that leaves 3 more to go. Those 3 came into sight, and then..:

TG: Why are they WALKING!?!
Gan: errr... hold on *walks to the front of the bus to the door*
Gan: can you open your door for me, i will ask them to run.
TG: *attempts in moving the bus as though he was going to leave them*
The 3 of them: No Difference in walking pace, a little in their expression.
TG: *opens door for gan*
Gan: *shouting* "Quick guys!"
The 3: Finally Run.

A weird 10 minutes it was... We were being real Malaysians, but we forgot that we were in Europe i guess...

We still took a pic with the TG and the Bus.

Then headed to the town of Derry, a historical town with a medevil kinda wall used against the British by the locals during the British Colonial era. Went for tea/ Post lunch.

Walking on The Wall.

Then to the bus stop it was... To head home- Dublin.
Initially i was like a King, with 2 chairs for my stuff to my right, one for my butt, one for my right leg, one to my left between me and Mel. Then after an hour, i was Dethroned. The bus was then loaded Full. Sigh... could barely move being tall, and could barely sleep with my neck hanging down as it overshot the Bus Seat.

Came back home, threw everything around my room, laid down on my bed. I realised that my 111 room has become a real part of me now. I missed my room... Home Sweet Home away from Home.
Unpacked, freshend up, and headed to Denise's surprise party at her apartment, dragging out all the little energy i still had in me...

That was Belfast in short... A weekend away with My Best.

Some pictures to follow.. :)

DAY 1:

The open Urinal, claimed to be for the Drunkards late at night. No, i was just posing!

At The Bazzar.

DAY 2: The Scenery

Jeff taking his shot.

DAY 2: The People

Jas and I

Mel and I

Rach and I

On The Giant Causeway...Us with the same Cause here, May our Friendships be Giant Itself.


One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.