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September 12, 2009

Journey To Dublin, 3 Days 2 Nights

And so i've spent 5 working days here, but 7 days off home, yes people, i actually spent 2 days on travelling- From Malaysia to Dublin; in all modes of transport, Air, Land and Sea. Yes. Indeed so,
Sea. 14.5 hours of Air Asia X which i must say was a pretty decent flight, with great food.
Land by 8 hours.
Sea by 4 hours.
In between all this, i had a 14 hour stop over in total.
And i put up in an airport for a night.
Had Krispy Kreme in Stanstead for Breakfast and brought some back for my Dubliners

And this time around it was indeed tough to say Good Bye to family... Harder then the first time i left. Because a year ago, i was just this little boy who had not explored a new country with a different culture, neither had lived completely on his own hence being very adventurous and not thinking back about family and friends at home.

But this time around, it was indeed different. Very. it was certainly hard to say goodbye to Dad, Mom, and Bro. gosh im going to miss them and the comfort of home with everything being taken care off, friends that i can meet anytime i want, those whom are willing to come get you out and go for a drink with just 5 mins prior notice, to those who take you for a 1 hour ride to KL on a late night just to go for a drink and come home doing crazy stuff....

My Air Asia Documentation and More on my Journey To Dublin... (...which took me two days):

My Air part of the Journey:
Air Asia Queue.. 
Air Asia XL seats...

XL seats leg room...oh boy, spacious! :) but unfortunately this wasnt mine...
XL still... sigh :(
ok, something that was going to be similar to My Seating...
My Seat!! and Leg room!

 This is the Normal Leg Room. I bought a "Hot Seat" meaning i had to pay extra.
and now to the Air Asia Food (pre ordered Malaysian/Asian):
Meal 1: Nasi Briyani Ayam (oooooooh, soooo good man!!!!)
Meal 2: Nasi Lemak (ooooooooh, soooo goood!!!!!!!!)
The First sight of the Western World (similar like out 7/11s)
Welcome to Stansted Airport
I had a 16 hour plus transit at Stansted Airport, from 11.30pm to 4.15pm. And i set up my own Work Station, only thing lacking was an Internet Connection. Sigh, there wasnt any free internet.

Yeap, i took over their Pay and Use Internet Computer space...hehe
People were picking their spots...

And so did i... gosh, it was damn hard man! to put the laptop bag under my head, an arm hugging my hand carry, and another one over the check in bag and also my legs agains the trolley as i had put one euro in it to use it!! Oh well, it was one heck of an experience. I was woken up by the morning crowd buzz at 5.30 and the airport was sooo packed! I thought it was 8.30 or something, but then was shocked to see it was just 5.30.
So, after realizing that it was just 5.30am, i knew that i just had more time to kill. sigh, so i went for breakfast at...
... so yes, it was breakfast! haha. oooh soo nice! and i decided to pack back for my fellow dubliners awaiting me :) hehe.
2 hours of breakfasting, with just 3 doughnuts.. and alot of People Watching.

With soooo much time to kill... :
Lunch! :) it was awesome!
Lunch Cam Whore session
While waiting for the bus, yes, cam whoring again. sigh.
My Land Journey... 9 hours including an one hour stopover :
Bus Leg Room
The bus i took this time around to dublin went through the country side all the way to Port Hollyhead. A very relaxing and a pleasant journey indeed. I went through many small towns, like coventry, birmingham and many more i just cant remember the name.
Birmingham 1.5 hour stopover to change bus. As i was heading to Dublin and not wolverhampton as where the bus i was on previously was heading for.
Now, To the Ship (cruise). My Sea Part of the Journey to dublin:
English Breakfast to welcome me back to Dublin
Hot Chocolate :)
3 hours of nap before arriving in dublin

Destination: Busaras Eireann (Dublin Central Bus Stop)
Time: 6.30am
Energy Level: 10 %
Excitment Level: 110 %
For the first few days here, i certainly felt that i missed home. Really, i did. The ones here didnt seem like the ones home.. they seemed different somehow even though they were also the ones i loved. and i didnt have much internet access. And then when i actually got internet access, i was busy finding houses on the net. Yes, thats what i've been busy with in the past 4 days. hence, you may have seen me online, but trust me, thats just because its on auto sign in. I was always on the phone making appointments to view houses or on the net finding for houses. From 9 am to 7pm daily. Then dinner till 9pm with friends then call it a night, all tired of walking (gosh i miss my car!!!).

So yes, that has been my week. If all is good, i should be finalizing my house soon. Reached a verdict with my housemate. A few more calls, and god willing that would be my best place/option. Once i settle in, you all should be hearing more from me, and also a post on how my summer break went! cant wait! :)


One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

September 1, 2009

Today i injected a virus into me...

 Nothing to do during the holidays? so inject a lil bit of virus in and fall sick? you think?

haha, nah, trying to get the immunization for Hep B as im soon to be in the Allied Health field... Forced into my strong deltoid muscles the weakened evil Viruses... which i must say is a lil sore now.. "Abduction" is proving to be a little tough... (oooo, i love the medical terms!!! hehehe)

PS: this is my 5th jab, 2nd booster. So, i really hope i achieve the Reactive status for Hep B Antigen...

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.