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April 25, 2009

Cartoons about Life, At the moment.

I went looking for random comics on google images, and ive found some decent ones. i think these are the most appropriate for the moment. :) Some are medical related too!!

Doctor Patient meetings:

What goes on in the Labs...:

How doctors try to act smart:

And how Patients act smart in return:

Our college notes are set this way, and im serious. Just lacking the pictures:

In Reality:
And what i have Tomorrow onwards for two weeks:

What the future beholds:

...Considering the fact, THIS could have happened to me:

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

April 19, 2009

To You Again, My Love


You show me my destiny,
my dear beauty, my angel,
owh, your sweet bright smile,
is just so easy on my eyes,

you bring life into me,
you shine me through it,
and shed off when im done with it,
you're always there for me, my love

your touch, need i say,
tingles, erupts and sensates each receptor on my chocolaty skin,
firing thousands of neurones at each fraction of a milisecond,
summating to give me the most magnificient feeling ever,
bursting me off to outer space like,
to places where no man has explored into,
to reach the almighty Heavens certainly,
and still be able to savour the euphoria as i return to you at night....ohhh... its all gods grace.

Even my hair erects to your attention,
you're just respected by millions of my bits, all my cells,
which all share the urge to be with you,
they all share my soul,
thus wanting you as much as i do,
i dont blame them,
you're just too good to blind oneself from.

you turn me on,
with your sizzling hotness,
owh am i to add, your soft yellow skin just further raises the temperature within me,
making me strip all for you, sexy.

your sweet soft melodies,
are my morning call,
you are willing to wake me at dawn,
the same time you rise,
just for me i assume, and hope,
along with birds whom sing me a song,
all with your love and grace

you wake up before me,
just to prepare me for it,
while watching me sleep,
a little kid like you claim,
all curled up, on my cosy bed,
wrapped up with my thick silky comforter,
with me hugging you tightly in it,
rubbing against me,
not letting your hands part mine.

you're my star, my idol, my one and only love, my everything,
without you, id live in the dark literally,
you mean soo much to me,
that words can't even express,
maths cant even finite,
with a chemistry that cant be explained,
and physics that attracts me closer to you,
forming more bonds as i spend my life alongside you,

men, want you soo badly,
they fly to get a glimpse of you,
i was patient, i accepted for who you are,
im never in a hurry with you,
but i am human too unfortunately,
i hurt and bleed when you're not around,
i miss you within an hour of our good byes,
from that very moment itself,
dozing off in pain,
as eager as a beaver, waiting,
to see you the next morning,
in a few hours the most, i pray,
but at times you play with me for a few only,
i cry then,
but by you just sacrificing 'us' for 'me' to see me sleep,
means alot to our relationship,

happy to see, you still love me as much as i do,
if not more that is.

the most romantic couples we are i believe,
my honesty tells me that,
i suck on you as a parasite,
you at times reach the verge of saying that you dont need me i sense,
but i instead,
on the other hand,
I always need you,
and always will be there for you,
...and Ever.

Owh my dear Sunshine...

You're soo good,
that Newton Came up with a substitute for you,
It took thousand tries and an accident to give birth to it,
just like how other lifeless inventions came about,
that ease our flexors,
reduce our wrinkles,
and drain our complaints,
whilst putting a smile on faces, on everyones,
and i admit, on mine too...

But still, no one is as good as You, and Never will be.
You're my special one, and Always will be.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- especially during the summer!! :)

A treasure hunt to a pot luck, Lucky You.

Today was YiYuns bday! Yeah, sorry yiyun, i could not help but posting up a post specially for your birthday. Because i'm very proud that all the plans worked out and that my cooking wasnt too bad either and obviously because youre just a great friend. :)

Yeap, Yiyun, whom im sure had a memorable bday! shed not forgive us for embarrasing her infront of the Dublin public on a Friday (most happening) evening. We made her do a treasure hunt, with 4 stations, putting up make up on her, no, not for the better, but for the worse and then handing out her next clue.

and so it was, she was looking great, she had to flirt with the library receptionist, eat a flower petal infront of strangers, sing the national anthem with an irish flag painted wig, run around the park, do things in the gym with her "beautiful" make up, run around college looking like a clown, take pictures with the taekwando team, use a dustbin to help her camwhore and bake a fantastically delicious brownie (which was soooooo nice of her). as i said yi yun, dont wait for your bday to bake us a brownie, we dont mind it at anytime wan!!
Such a thoughtful friend deserves a post in my opinion.

It tasted awesomely nice!
(and thats yiyun covering her make up)

moving on to her actual birthday, we had a pot luck dinner for her, and it turned out to be a better hit in terms of food compared to our previous christmas pot luck. such good chefs we have here in dublin. :)

At 12 am we had the chocolate strawberry cheese cake a group of them made. The night before, I went over for "entertaintment" purposes for them whom were making the cake (according to jian gang). It was jian gangs reciepe, and i saw the cake come to the magnificient taste and look it carried. wonderful. tasted to me just like the tesco cheese cake i buy back at home.

During the cake making.
Her Head was made for my hands
Thats Catherine btw
Entertaining where i could

Went to McD on Grafton while waiting for the cake to cool down before putting on the icing.
This was our sleepy faces at 1am!
They made the cake, i was just there to "entertain" :)

FINAL PRODUCT: Chocolate Strawberry Cheese Cake

From sushi, to chicken curry, to banana cake, to Oriental Supreme Imperial Chicken Nge (formerly known as Chicken Nge by Rachel Nge) to korean kimchi, to veges, to bak kut teh, to my own indian deserts and catherines red bean dessert.

Yes mum, i made two indian dishes for this times pot luck, and since they had soo much meat, i opted for desserts. I made Gulab Jamun (in lay mans term, wheat ball in sugar syrup) and Payasam(a kind of liquid sweet dessert with sago and vermicelli)! can you believe me? i bet not! And i must say, i beat you to it! FLAT! There! you wait, your son is gonna come home and start teaching You! and maybe, even grandmother too!! hehe.
okay okay, i honestly felt it was really good. One of the bests ive ever tasted (dont say im boasting or what, cos i really felt that way). And also i made it to suite my taste, less stuff in the payasam and more sago. :) (or it may just be that it was my craving for indian food that made it taste soo good to me)

looked great in real life and tasted good too!
Carl's and Thanu's comments were the best on this. They being indians knew what this was all about...

Gulab Jamun
It grew in size, i didnt expect it to. :) My first time on both dishes. Had a tough time making this... THIS wasnt easy...

it took me 2 solid hours to buy the stuff and make them, i was on a splitting headache then, and being in Millin house, theres only one basement kitchen for the 25 of us, so i had to lug everything down the stairs, and run up and down for about 20 times atleast to get stuff here and then. With the splitting headache too! Yun, seriously, if it wasnt your birthday, i would have just given up on trying to make the gulab jamun as it turned out to be, and i would have gone to bed while skipping the payasam... im being real honest there. And im glad you could try it, you nearly lost the gulab jamun there. Thankfully you did try it earlier.

And need i say how good the weather was today? the sun? oooh... beautifull... :)

Hope you had a great day,
Happy 20th Birthday YiYun!

Looking great there. ;) YiYun, Bday girl. :)
But you somehow resemble a clown here... i cant seem to figure out why though... Anyidea why yun? hmmm....


PS: 95% of the pictures courtesy of Catherine Studios :) Thanks cat!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- and celebrate your friends bday like its yours!

Brotherhood and My Roots

If i was to miss my 1.5 years bond, what more my 14 years bond? and some even up to 21 years and some even waaay more than that. Doing the maths there? surprised that im just 20 and some of my bonds stretch longer than 21 years?

yeap, i knew some of them mutually through my mothers womb. :) i have 3 of them, my mum knew my soon to be best friends mums and they were quite close themselves which i am to add delivered the 4 childs around the same time (just a few months apart or even days!), hence thats what i mean by bonds that stretch more than 21 years.

and in no way my 7 year old till now friends i'll forget. They are equally important and meaningful themselves.

Yes, guys, you all know who you are. My Boys, my Homies, My True Brotherhood, my Roots, My boys from Kajang. All of you, Joe, Nick, Daryl, Mark, Shashi, Chee Seong, John, Weng Chiew.

Guys, i can talk paragraphs on each one of you, you all are just the best. In my opinion, we complete each other in our brotherhood clan. Im glad to have all of you, i havent spoken much to all of you to be honest, but you all are busy too, hence i dont take the blame all by myself! i cant wait for summer, to meet you guys. Hope everyones doing well if not great...

I didnt intentionally not chat with you guys as much as i would have loved to, its my msn, it gives me probs, and im sure you guys understand that med school isnt sparing much time for me to chat, with all this time difference and stuff.

Amongst us, im the 2nd to leave the country after Joe, but now Netto is coming over to UK end of 2010!!! its a long time away, but i still cant wait to get him in UK! and im sure from now to end of 2010, time will flyyyyyyyy, just like how it has.

But for now, i cant wait to meet up with you guys soon... Miss all of you.

End of High School days, when i started to mature and change a little...

Honestly speaking guys, PD was fun, exciting and relaxing, infact, even more than my trip to Paris! You guys just simply awesomly rock.

I think that concludes my brotherhood posts. Two posts, two group of ppl who have shaped me besides my family. The ones who have impacted me the most, and that i miss now.
Disappointed not to have such a brotherhood here, but if this is the circumstances, i shall live up to lifes challenges and grow to be one who is more independent.

Some old pictures i found on Friendster which itself is old:

I have come a long way from my baby chubby face...

Without stubs and with moustache, ive changed now...or should i say ive become more matured.

This is our most memorable, Football style, Group Pic back in Form 4 of High School:
am part of this group and i love it!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- especially with your your origins.

April 18, 2009

Brotherhood in HELP UNI COLLEGE (A Levels)

Little did i realize, i've been full of Dublin till i almost forgot all those at home (sorry, this was unconsciously done, sincere apologies if you think likewise too).

One obvious thing i miss from home, is our Brotherhood we had. There are not many guys here in the first place, and even if there are, most of them are just not like You guys. All Superbly nice guys here, but they dont bring the most out of me somehow. Somethings lacking which i most certainly had it with you all.

Now, This post is dedicated to all those at home. More specifically to those in college, HELP UNI COLL - A49 (B) first.
To those who dont know where i did my A Levels, i did it here. Yeap, but let me just remind you that A Levels isnt Underground. We have a nicely poised 11 story building overlooking the rich man land of Bangsar/Damansara.

Only did i realize about this unconscious act of mine after reading a blog of my friends, my brother-from-another-mother. (Yeah, we got this tag off Rush Hour i think? haha, and just like in the movie, one is yellow, one is brown)
So firstly, its to you my brother from another mother. DEI! Miss you loads! how the heck have you been!! we have barely chatted, which i know you know too! but i kinda like understood that you were busy, firstly with teaching kids, then with CF, and thirdly, now, with "UNI". I have been good man. Been ages, but as you said, its almost a year, and id be home soon classifying myself then as a Second med student and no longer First. Senior to you too dude! :P
Do you actually think i wont give you a call when i get back? i will drive INTO your house/UNI and DRAG you out to hang out if i have to!
Lol, You just watch MU win the UCL k, and then you can cry. :) Premier league, we're still ahead, we see how things turn out at the end. I will be back after that, then we see who wheres Whos Jersey... hehe. :P
I've been good dude, hope you're well too. Hows progress with the person with the name of an adult kitten? hehe. I think you know where im going... You talking about me going through all challenges and stuff? thanks there, but you, i need not say, one of the most cool headed guys ive seen, ill see you fly past all your "obstacles" dei. Just that you need to improve on your driving first. :P heard car accident lagi ke?
You make sure you ANSWER my call when i get back!

Next up, My bro or who also can be my brother in law (depends on which way you look at it). An Avid Liverpool supporter too, Eu Jhin. Dude, how are You doing? very busy with IMU and climbing mountains ar? lol. damn hard to catch you man. Hows my sister doing? treating well i hope, or wait, should i rephrase to, shes treating You well i hope? haha. Almost done with an year too havent you. and dei, we seriously better make a trip out this time! it was sad to hear your trip in jan didnt work out... :( oh well, i think you guys are not meant to go, Without Me! hehe.

Frog, well thats if his name is translated to English, Kah Tuck (Katak). Another Liverpool fan here. sigh. lol, anyways, how are you man? i see your gf reads my blog. But no news about you? the last i heard from Pui Ling, you did some good deeds with a puppy eh, soo nice of you man. Thankfully the puppy didnt die with your DRIVING! as though driving like an ambulance. :P Hows Uni for you man? Havent spoken to you too busy man. and you dont have an excuse for not talking to me before Uni, oh boy, you got loads of explanation to do.

Class monitor, Jon Ou! dude, hows aussie? How they treating you? Thankfully im keeping in touch with you. Hope you're doing well. ;) All the best dude. Keep faith, and work hard. Come home improved, at the way things are going, i wont be seeing you for another 1.5 years. oh well, then we shall chill out. ;)

White Boy! Haw Yee, how you doing? pharmacy, say you need to catch up, tapi tak tengok bayang bayang pun? Pharmacy that busy too eh? i understand. Hope you're doing great man. ;)

I cant wait to get back intouch with all you busy men! ;)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

April 17, 2009

Laproscopy! Yeah!

Laprascopy baby! yeah! something not even doctors can do!

i did it! haha. yeah, i participated under a research in laproscopy by a Doctor/ Lecturer from our college itself. In a nearby hospital.

Day 1: A questionnaire on ourselves and things we do and a First Test immediately after watching a video

Day 2: Read a manual (for me and Yvonne) and then practice for an hour.

My learning, part 1

Guys, it may look easy, but it requires practice. After a few times, i hit 3 minutes. :) which i think its pretty good already.

Part 2

Day 3: Exam.
After the exam, The Dr incharge of research (nice guy, and good looking too,ladies) commented "good, very good actually.*pats back, with a honest smile* you can become a surgeon, you intrested?? potential. " and then i went "err, thanks dr, im keeping my options open still dr, but i am considering that too" he replied "good good"

as me and another senior student left, "thank you guys, you did very well, you both did very well actually. consider a future in surgery"

And it was very nice of them to give us a thumb drive as a token of appreciation. :)
All in all, one great experience... :)

Yeap, its that small, cant really compare?

Here a better comparison with yvonne's hand in it.

My little Yvonne :)

Coombe Womens Hospital

And Today! is YiYun's birthday! Happy Birthday Yi Yun! we made her take part in Our Treasure hunt the whole evening, putting make up on her at each check point, no Not to make her look good, but the oposite- Bad! hehe. Evil we are, indeed. Hope we gave her a good Birthday so far... :)
Happy Birthday Yi Yun!!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

April 14, 2009

Cheers to Life.

Something i got from an Email today...

Life is short
Break the rules
forgive quickly
kiss passionately, love truly
laugh constantly
And never stop smiling
no matter how strange life is
Life is not always the party we expected to be
but as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful

...Which i strongly support.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

April 13, 2009

A Follow up on My Love

A short note on my previous post, if the background music enhances the mood, i have to thank ken wai my roommate, he changed the order of my first 2 songs...

And my inspiration to make me write a poem was, my dad!
yes dad, on your bday when i skyped you, you said that my writing has improved alot, and that you were quite surprised yet impressed and that the improvement is most likely due to my blogging... so i just thought id write on something i havent yet, a poem. :)
Sorry if it made your heart skip beats while reading it (yes, mum, to you too). Not to worry, Veins are my only love and it will only be that. ;) hehe.

Something in Malay:
Aku mendapat ilham untuk menulisnya semasa berehat dan bermimpi di kerusiku dan ternampak vena-venaku yang cantik di tanganku dengan jelas...

AND, A Happy Tamil New Year to All Indians out there! May you have a blessed New Year ahead! Chitirai Puthandu Nal Valzhtukal!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

April 12, 2009

A Poem to You, My Love.

My love,

when i see through you,
i see your dim green glow,
which just always seems to mesmerizes my own brown eyes,
a sight for sore eyes you certainly are...

i enjoy watching you stroll off to the ends alone,
a long way from parents you currently lay,
independent you are indeed, just like me,
together we shall sail the rough tides of life,

i just cant seem to thank god more for showing me - You...

It tickles my tongue just saying your sexy name,
in latin too i may,
you will always have a special place in my heart,
im at a point where i would die without You...

you stand out from the rest at where you lay, which caught my eyes,
upon my touch, you're as soft as silk,
and run off to hide then,
oh dear, you're as shy as a mouse, which i adore...

you are willing to accomodate my urging needs, thats indeed lovely of you,
you dont hold a thick wall against me, oooohh your humilty brings me closer to you, everyday...

the times your warm self hug around me tightly,
sharing your warmth in this cold country, keeping me always cosy,
i get the feeling of Ecstasy, of cloud 9,
magnificent feeling i never want to part, ever...

your journey may have been long,
but you have come to the right place, to meet my soul,
you may stop my heart occasionally as i learn to live with you,
but you have unique features, all that i need, giving life to all of me,

you may not be the reason i breathe in, but you are the reason i breathe out
you may not pulsate me, but without you the pulsations wouldn't mean a thing either,
oh, my dear love...

my beautiful, my gorgeous, my lovely Veins...

PS: one goes by the name of Cephalic. haha, yeap, its me nerding up again.

And DO FEEL FREE to post a comment. Thanks! ;)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- and that one love for me at the moment shall be Veins...

April 11, 2009

Deteriorated Vision? :(

okay just a random thought i just had after my shower, my eye sight has deteriorated greatly lately... Came out of the shower without specs and i couldnt read what was on my skype msg, i had to go really close to read... sigh. Makes me feel handicaped-ish.
To many people whom wear specs, this may be normal.. but considering the fact i was almost prefect just a year plus ago, its some big difference.

Back in A levels, used to wear specs in class only, even during breaks i take it off. But now, i only take it off when im under serious study mode at home/library.

Kinda sucks to be dependent on specs, sigh. But i dont have a choice now i guess...
I am very very dependent on specs.

Ive noticed my dependence in the past weeks alot especially and when i notice i tend to have a weird feeling for a few seconds, but then ill be fine. Its just now only that i really tght about it and compared my vision to a year ago...

Oh well, Life still goes on- with a little defect, a bump, but nevertheless its not a wall infront. ;)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.