This blog serves a purpose- to share my experiences, knowledge, travels, and personal views with my family, friends and also to rest of the world. Life has been a roller coaster of a ride so far, but the journey i have embarked on is certainly proving to be a great one. The article is no where near complete, therefore you are most welcomed to sail with me. Consider this my personal diary, opened to you. Enjoy the ride- of Life and its Beauty.

February 22, 2009

Busy weekend and more to come.

Hey all! okay, i've been really really busy. Im attached to my college's International Night- The biggest night in college for all the societies, and from PMC Student Association (the second biggest society after Student Union itself!) we are to pull off a great drama with 3 dances of various races- Malay, Chinese and Indian dance. Im involved in the drama AND the Indian dance.. so its kinda taxing and time consuming to do both...
I initially wanted to do both, but then i started to have my second tghts as i had to balance it with studies, cos i din want to take too much time off... but then... i din really have a choice. The director took my word for acting, but then another friend forced me a lil to do the indian dance cos not enough dancers... oh well, i wanted to both anyways, so im having fun at both, just that i have a tough time balancing it with college work. Doing well thus far, but its hard... :)

So yes, a busy weekend, started off with 'flying through' card-signing with Faraz (my examiner), then it was off to a party night.. just chilled back and enjoyed the night after my PMCSA meeting with a few of my brothers come committee members. Had a blast of a night with my friends.

Over the weekend, been waking up real late, like 11 some or 12pm... Saturday just went off with drama practice and then dance practice and a chilling saturday night. Sunday went for major grocery shopping to Tesco and a few other places in the heart of dublin then went for dance practice, which took sooo many hours.. came home dead tired, and there im on a monday now already... of course, occasional studying during the weekend.

And we've finally used our stethoscope!! to check blood pressure... :) Yes, that the first practical thing i've done in med school that makes me feel doctor like! oohhh... it was fun!! and btw, i have a normal blood pressure.. hehe.
Speaking of being a doctor feel, jeffrey came over on the saturday night, and was telling me on how to study for Clinical Competenices (CC) and others, whereby he reinstated that studying CC is fun, which i agree to, based on hearing his stories of his CC times. I cant wait to start studying that. He roughly tested me on CC too, and not bad, i knew quite alot. i din know i know that much.. :)

Okay, to the weird feeling part as usual, i feel insecure amongst those around me at the moment. I dont know why suddenly, but yes, i dont think i trust many here for Now.. Guess everyones just busy with this international night. Its to the extent i feel that at times i feel like im being used or something, feeling kinda insecure la. Need to get back to my normal self asap. But this doesnt really bother me much, cos im all busy now.
And i've started looking around for my next 1.5 years accomodation, and boy oh boy, this aint gonna be easy man... will try do as much as i can though. I wish we all could stay together, as in my malaysians... but atleast, my close malaysian friends. it will be really cool that way... :)

I tght id not delete this, just to prove how busy i was:
This was my short notes kinda thing i saved as a draft for my blog over the weekend...
Which i have lengthened now...
-doc-jeff- stethoscope- cc- fun- practice
-being used- insecure- trust
- weekend- fun- need to study

Btw, sorry guys, this post has no pictures.. not quite free... and im working on another post for weeks now. Cant wait to post that up too! :) That has pictures, which took me quite some time to get done... but nope, its NOT Paris.. Yet.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- with drama and dance especially bangra, but still balance it out with studying. ;)

February 15, 2009

A message to You.

Grant me One Thing- Focus and Energy to do what i wish to do... That is all i ask from You. I promise to do anything and everything possible within my arms reach. Please... God. Give me the balanced life i have imagined. Equal balance of Study and Fun with friends...

I am already hugely stressed in just my second week of my Classes.
My holidays weren't well organized. I had too much fun, i know. The effects which carried on to the first week of class. Its time to pull the pieces together, and begin work on a masterpiece. Way due time, but better late then never. Please...

Will be doing something stupid today, which is bound to get me going. Need this to jump start my study routine. Need To.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

February 10, 2009

New Sem! :)

Okay, I'm back from London, and classes have presumed. New Semester- The semester that i expect to do Much much better than the previous. Previous sem was good, this has to be much better. I'll Strive to make sure its just that.

Yes, so back from all the holidaying and travelling, and I'm feeling very lethargic at the moment. I should have allowed 2 days before the new sem to recuperate and regain energy. oh well, Ive given myself one night yesterday even the sem has started. And for a day or two more I'm gonna be slow with studies. Need to conserve the energy for classes instead.

This semesters time table is really Hectic. Everyday, and i seriously mean everyday, classes are 9 to 5!!! wed i have half day and Friday almost half day off, but still! theres soooo many classes, meaning soo many things to study back at home after classes... its gonna be hard.. i just sense it. No worries though. :)

Owh, today we had HBS 2, and we had to do a Team Skills Survey, it was a lengthy one, which my results then came out as Monitor Evaluator and Company Worker as 2nd Preference. Well, my results did prove me just as i tght i was, but sides this two, my other results were almost the same marks as these two, all differing by one or two marks. Okay, i wasn't a Plant (someone with ALOT of original ideas), neither much of a Shaper. But i must say i personally i agree with the marks, i do fall into many of the categories.. :)

And one more thing i realised, after the final part of my holidays is that i miss being taken care off. Meaning, i don't want to be soo independent 24/7 365... I noticed it when i got my break at my aunts place, where she took care of everything, from food to transport to planning to visiting places... everything. And Ive been thinking on it lately, and Ive realised this. I'm not the best me as i was back home. Life isn't balanced here, in the sense that, I'm always out with friends, no alone time, always independent, always thinking of your own self, studying alot. Theres no break for anything. Back home, parents played the major role, and i was away from friends almost everyday after college.
I was known as one who plays often but still knows when to be serious in work. Here, im neither... I don't feel right. I'm always with friends, so when i go out with them, i tend to die out (eg: in parties, clubs) This wasn't the case at home. Haven't tght of a way to resolve this question. (this is Not a Problem, just a random tght)

In the past two days, Ive not been able to concentrate fully on class, i spaced out quite abit, think cos I'm still a little tired, but then theres something else bothering me... I need to sort that out, so that i can be at my best, this sem is not gonna be another mistake. This has to be The Sem. :)

okay, I'm heading off to get some work done, hope to blog soon... this post is of just random tghts.. some of it is messed up in words above, i apologies, because its not even clear in my head.

And a Happy Chinese New Year to all. :)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

February 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home, For a Day Break.

Yeah baby, Back home! Home Sweet Home... From the Dreamland- Paris! hell yeah!
It was a dream come true. 8 Days. Never ever did i dream i would be on the Effiel Tower lift up all the way, never ever on Disneyland, never ever visiting Notre Dame, Never ever on Seeing Monalisa (yes! THE Monalisa picture!), never ever learning on speaking French, never on eating exotic French food such as Escargot, Foie Grass and many others, Taking the underground, never ever committing crime (cheating the metro), Never on seeing snow, never on playing with snow balls, never on the Romantic Paris at all!

It was a great trip with my close Six. Fantastic. Words cannot describe my joy i got from this trip, seriously, None. At such a young age, Paris... ooooohhh boy..... am i Lucky or what?!

Paris baby, PARIS! i still cant believe my trip. All the incidents and images in my mind are as clear as it happened Yesterday, but its been a week plus for some images in mind. My best trip to date. Need to thank my Parents for making this dream come true. seriously, thanks!!

For my Six, it was nice getting to know you all a little better atleast... :)

I'll leave the pictures for a later detailed Paris Post if i have the time, because i think a 8 megapixel camera shot would bring more justice to Paris than my 2 megapixel Sony Erricson W850i. ;)

Im off to London today night, to spend 3 days away from home and with aunt. Im sure after this 8 days im going to miss my Six atleast if not All here. But its a trip i have to make. And im diving straight into the the freezing cold London right after tiring 8 days of Paris. Sigh, London worse hit snow in 18 Years! and im going in then... *scared*
Hopefully i dont turn out being a Ice Statue there. lol.

Will blog soon again, if i have the time. Results coming out soon, college starting soon (coming Monday) but for now,i have some Penang Medical College Students Association stuff to do on my one day Dublin break. Need to rush things in. Have a London Bus to catch at 10pm, aint much time...

Just ONE sneak Preview pic on what is to come here in my blog later on.. Hehe:
Eiffel Tower- Paris, France.

Signing off,

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it, To the max during dream Holidays!