This blog serves a purpose- to share my experiences, knowledge, travels, and personal views with my family, friends and also to rest of the world. Life has been a roller coaster of a ride so far, but the journey i have embarked on is certainly proving to be a great one. The article is no where near complete, therefore you are most welcomed to sail with me. Consider this my personal diary, opened to you. Enjoy the ride- of Life and its Beauty.

July 22, 2011

Stress and Smiles- Cancel out.

I just slammed shut my note book and text books and decided it was time to do a little writting.
But where do i start? as per usual, it certainly has been ages!

Politics? friendship? PMC? ENT? Exams? My housemates? Road trips? seriously, Where?

Harimau Malaya! Come on! lets try get as close as we can to the World Cup!

If i were a much frequent writer, this would certainly not be a problem. But where do we medical students find time? I Seriously Dont Know.

The days and hours seem to pass by very fast, certainly either with studying or by making every second count in either laying back and relaxing or going all out to celebrate those minutes.
I am certainly impressed with myself on how i have managed to cope this far. Stress peaks for us very frequently, but then again, we just have the ability to shut stress and have a good laugh or a small dinner with a few pals. We dont have to try, it is always Quality time spent- wisely.

Im currently on ENT rotation, for 2 weeks of which one has passed and guess what folks? we only do 2 weeks in ENT in our 5 years in Medicine! same goes to ophthalmology (eyes)! Suprising right? but thats a fact here, and to stuff a whole ENT book into the tiny little space on the top of the head, will certainly prove
to be a task
ENT Physical Examination

Medical school life has certainly gotten much more interesting since we entered the clinical phase, but it certainly questions your knowledge, you feel smart at certain days and utterly stupid at some days. Long taxing hours and the whole of medicine to be learnt progressively over weeks/ months to come.
I noticed your groupmates (small groups of 6 to 10 students) really make a difference. If everyone is 200 percent enthusiastic i think most will burn out eventually, and if everyone are slackers, we dont learn anything, but to have a mix is just the best. The funny things that happens in and around the wards with my groupmates have been epic thus far. Each day never fails to give you a good laugh, may it be at 8-still-waking-up-a.m. or 12.30pm after numerous scoldings by lecturers.
Jokers we may be, but we never fail to stick out for each other.

I could not have asked for better housemates certainly, the amount of laughter that goes around the house is just unbelievable. Not everyone have the chemistry of just being able to sit down for hours and hours just talking on non-sensicle things may it be aliens or ghosts or cars or just rubbish. No matter the topic, a good laugh is guaranteed.

I somehow like the conversion from being active in societies in ireland to just chilling and having fun with friends here in Penang. Both have their own benefits in their own ways. Life is too good and i certainly hope it stays the same way. :)

Brother has got a job, which i believe he is enjoying. Certainly a new step in life, im sure he will enjoy every bit of it. All the best to him! Remember, always plug the power cable in before you try to fix a computer. :)

I am certainly exhausted after a tiring long week, but theres more to come certainly in weeks ahead, this is the life we are training to become. Intensive training certainly, but with the passion and love for it you will adapt perfectly fine with the hospital environment and the busy lifestyle.

Surround yourself with people whom seem to light up your life with smiles and laughter, it gets the stress away.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

February 9, 2011

Tour of the Newly Revamped Blog :)


Hope you guys like it, and i hope to keep it updated as much as i can as well.

Worked on this blog for about 8 hours and its now 5.10 am fixing glitches and making parts look better, of course the templates not mine but there were a lot of fixing to be done to suite my blog and interests.
Hope its worth it.

Changes you may obviously see are the wordings and that introduce my blog along with the "About Me" section which has finally been changed after 2.5 years.

Gadget Changes:
Features that i like is the My Favourite Pages, My Facebook, My Twitter tabs. Another cool feature i think is the Photos Slider that i can use to share my life in pictures with everyone and even better still this photos can also be inserted with links of my featured posts from this same blog or from a different site (i will make use of this in time to come and for now will be just a few pictures to brighten up the blog).
The Chat box and blog roll remains and i've decided to add Polls, may it be biweekly or whenever i just feel like it.
Also new to the blog are the "Popular Posts" and "page views" (at the bottom of the page)
Im using a different twitter for blogspot compared to last time as i think this looks better.
Besides all this, i've also changed a significant bit on the posting, obviously the "Reaction" part at the end of each post, and also the "share" for each post may it be facebook, twitter or others.
I've also limited it to 2 posts per page and added a Recent Post category for those looking for quick reads on interesting topics to them.
The biggest loss is the music, wanted to keep it simple and possible for anyone to read the blog from wherever they are regardless of their internet speed.

I intended the change to be simple and fun with a touch of professionalism and with loads of vibrant colours while at the same time getting all my thoughts across to the readers clearly and easily with minimum hassle and glitches in navigation.

Im excited about this new blog, hope you are! Its 5.30am as i finish this post, good night world!

PS: guess what, its the first post of 2011! Hello 2011! :)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.