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June 27, 2009

Bali Retreat

Yeap! im off to a nice Bali retreat!

5 days, 4 nights!

Leaving sunday morning, and coming back on Thursday night...

It a plan of my familys to make sure i spend time with them too and not keep going out to meet friends i suppose.. lol. a good plan indeed.

I want a relaxing holiday, hopefully thats what i get tmrw.. :)

See ya all real soon! will start catching up and meeting everyone after i come home.. tc all!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

I Never Left Home

Its been a few days since ive been home, but seriously, sorry, ive been laying low lately. Recovering from my jet lag, which took me 3 days because i havent really slept well. and im sleeping in the wee hours of the morning. 2am? at times. but mostly, 3 or 4am.

Things ive missed,
Watching music videos late night downstairs, while studying (though, now no more studying la)
Laying on my bed doing nothing
Going around the house seeing how things work and learn all the functions of the latest gadget additions in the house
Miss being served food to drink and no laundry to do.

Seriously, thats all i've missed.
To me, its like i've never left. Never. strangely, when i had first sight of mum and bro, it was like, they still look the same, dad too, the car i came back in looked the same, the streets looked the same, wasnt craving for any food at all suddenly (after all the groaning about this food and that dessert and that restaurant and bla bla. funny eh.) nothing seemed to be different...

Ive seen a few ppl so far, and i owe an appology to someone, i promised to have seen you first, but i failed. sorry... i blame the jet lag.. :( sorry my dear.
Seeing the ppl i've seen is so fun... Thats the best part of being home, reviving all the fun moments we had together is awesome!

Ive been really tired lately, so i havent had the chance to call or chat with anyone... sorry guys. Will come to life soon. Soon. And then will ring you up. (only seen about 10 ppl so far since landing. so no worries, i havent forgotten you, just that im kinda down and tired at the moment and been busy with dance practices for a cultural night which is not too long away...)

The hardest thing to adapt to- Humidity of this Equatorial Tropical Country. The hot air makes it hard to breathe, i become short of breath easily. Sides that, i've been fine. Ofcourse, ive sweat like nuts already. Not as hot as i imaigined a few days ago id say. but still, HOT!

Done my room rearrangements, and enjoyed my no spring but fully cotton bed.

Though, havent had the chance to savour the holiday. been in and out in the past 2 days. Busy again. sigh. i want my holiday!!! The i dont have to do anything holiday... :) soon i guess.

Back in town ;)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

June 23, 2009

Almost Home

Almost home.

Flight Departure: 9.15AM Dublin International Airport (4.15PM Malaysian)
Transit: Abu Dhabi International Airport- 6 Freaking Hours "oh dear :( "
Arrival: 2.00PM Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KLIA
Almost Home.

PS: CANT WAIT YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOLALA!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

June 14, 2009

A random.

and so i sat down, not knowing what to blog about, but knowing that i needed to.
and tried, and tried, and tried... nothing. Well, you already know that im having fun, already know that im relaxing, already know that im packing and shifting house (twitter) and you already know im coming back. What can i post on... hmmm...

does going to Jameson Irish Whiskey factory today count?? well, thats a good idea, but hmm... no no... i cant, the pictures are all with jeffrey... hmm...

what else... i have yun and evelyn back from spain and germany. But somehow, im still seeming to be playing and hanging out with the guys more... Not entirely sure what the girls are up to. All busy relaxing i guess.

im missing darren, joey and cat already... Spent too much time in their places of late. Should have refrained. Joey's had a haircut, and darren slept 8 hours in a "sleepover" a friend organised Hence being the one that actually understood the meaning of SLEEP and OVER (sleep) and meow meow, reached HK to go out eat and then sleep. Boring. :P

i showed eu jhin my room, and he went "dei! you leaving in a freaking hotel ar? why got pictures all one?" then i told him how much it cost, and he went "dude, i can rent 3 apartments near IMU!" Guys, dublin isnt one of the cities in the world with the highest living expenditures for nothing you know... we have black holes as pockets. Its That bad.
And he knows hell lot of ppl that melissa knows too! and he knows Jeff! wth! small world...
Gan: So dei, looks like half of Taylors in IMU eh?
EJ: No lar dei... More than that.
Gan: @.@

went to the park at 8PM with the sun still bright out shining, to enjoy my burger king with ken. it was beautiful, just that i forgot to wear proper attire. Do it, but never go in shorts and a 100 holed t-shirt as a top and hit the park. Macho-ness doesnt really last long at times you know. Theres only a short period where i can pull it through. Then i melt.

i had a hot pot today. a small one again. got stuffed and in the shower, i noticed that i have a belly. oh dear, i soo gotta go to the gym. thats not good. All the weight i shed, im putting it back on, but at the wrong place. Sigh!

Ive started playing Football Manager.
Playing counter strike abit too often now.
About to enter the realms of SWAT 4 and DOTA (if ken succeds to convert me)

realised if i changed all my coins, i can get 21 euros!!! haha! :D MONEY!

i dont know what else to write... hmm.... there, the minor details of me irish dude. :P

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

June 7, 2009

A Page from my Diary if i had one...

One of the things i would write in my personal diary if i had one...
Post exams...

Life can not be any better at this point.
This is already proving to be my best holidays so far, baring in mind that im just 2 days into a 4 month long holiday. The feeling is just great.

the library's front desk, loaded with good luck signs,
i found it to be very nice of them. :)

To have slaughted and worked soo hard for the exams, super hard, the hardest ive worked to date infact, going through torture over and over again, waking up to be subjected to the pain of sleepiness and knowing that the whole routine repeats in 24 hours as i wake up at 5 am after going to bed at 4am, hourly naps every 4 hours to keep the brain alive and going, is just too much to bare with.

And now, to sleep in to 12pm, under the sun as i love doing at home, to wake up and have the luxury of snoozing at 9 am, knowing that i dont have 4 lectures to be done in the next hour, nor having the guilt of an underproductive day where ive just done 4 out of the targeted 8 lectures the previous night, but instead to wake up and feel the summer hot sun on my skin, waking up to peace, of mind and physiq, to be able to pull up the blinds and stand for a few minutes stoning while admiring the weather, thinking that theres nothing to do, no books nor notes lying around the place over my bed, table, window panel, knowing that my day is not going to be another routined cycle i just completed a few hours ago as i went to bed, is simply magnificient. Who needs alcohol or drugs when you can get a 50x more stronger ecstasy feel after just by working hard through exams and then getting a break, a well deserved one too.

St.Stephens Green Park

well deserved i say because i know how much i've put in into this exams, i just pray that my effort pays off in 11 days time when the results are released. Previously, i used to not know what day or what date it was, and i still dont know, both for different reasons. A week ago, my mental calander worked by 8 lectures today, 9 lectures tmrw, 7 the next.....Full revision the final day and then the next day is exams, i used to keep the lectures to mark dates in my mind to lead to the exams, but now, i dont care what day or date it is, because i know theres still long time to go before i head home, and all i have to do now is just chill and break the routine in life, go for the extreme, explore what life has to offer, spend alone time, and savour the 4 months i have...

St.Stephens Green Park

Time has flewn, little can i realise that it has been Nine Long Months of 30 days average each, its hard to say ive left home that long, it still seems like it was last week i hugged paul, eu jhin, kah tuck, family and answered my farewell calls. But now, this whole hugging thing is gonna repeat, but now, as i touch down... time has flewn. Ive completed my first year. wow, i cant believe that myself. 1/5 just flew past That fast, im sure the remaining 4 will be likewise as well.

St.Stephens Green Park

For now, life is like, (to sum it up in short). To do whatever i feel like doing, whatever. I wanna go to the park, off i go, wanna go shopping, off i go, but before i leave, i feel like having a nap, so i do, on my way to buy dinner, i see a friend, and just go help him move house, and once i get there, i can just waste the hours away chilling with him, wanna chat with friends from home, so i do, wanna cook, so i do, wanna sleep an extra 4 hours, so i do. My will power and brain control is taking a well deserved vacation itself. Discipline goes out the window, i follow what my feelings says. It works on its own. People say, you control your feelings and dont let your feelings control you, but, i dont think its exactly true. You gotta live life to how its meant to be lived- Enjoyed and savoured. If you're gonna be controlling every aspect of it, you dont get fun, you get prison and a boring life. Go out of the way, let your feelings lead you, and you'd never enjoy life anymore better.

This holidays is already planning to be just that. So i shall live my next 4 months, do as i wish, no one controls me, not even my brains. I really sense my brain is taking its holiday of its own, i barely use it now, just to come up with humour jokes or minor stuff. But, i really feel lightheaded, NO, not due to alcohol but to the ease in stress, pressure and work.

But asusual, the learning continues... as of now, things i wanna work on,
improving brain power, stamina, focus, discipline in studying, and on ways not to loose momentum. I also need to work on the not sleeping more than 3 hours unwritten rule before each exam, this is not how i want to do my exams. I wanna enjoy it too... Not suffer pain by lack of sleep, but instead to enjoy it. As i have always done... I need to come up with a way before my JC3 (next sem) exams on how im gonna get the sleep in before each paper. This cant go on for 4 more years...
That was just an insight to my dear friends whom have ever so frequently asked how do i manage to perform in exams. Guys, its not about before the exams that matters the most, its working on it after your exams that counts. Learn from what was a mistake and improve on what could have been better. Come up with a plan before the new semester, plan for it during the holidays with your own sweet time and leave it all to god as the semester starts and execute the plan, if things are going wrong, dont worry, try your best to save the plunge to limit damage, but if you cant, no worries, just learn it on after the exam wave passes by.
If you actually read all the way to here, you're awesome. And i love you for it.

PS: i dont know why, yiyun texted me from manchester at 12pm asking me the boundaries of the Anatomical Snuff box... The muscles. Hmm, i wonder what is she up to in Manchester? Revising? whatever it is, shes got loads of explaining to do when she gets back, for sure.

Small things that amazed me during the anti-social periods...

My friends signing and playing songs to release stress a few days before the exams... They were that affected.

Group MCQs round 2, 2 weeks before the Finals:

This is how we worked it, projection.

Points to note:1. The number of laptops
2. The serious faces of most of them
3. The sub groups that were formed
4. Yi yun and darren whom seem to be soo high...
(blame it on the exam stress shall we, yun? darren?)

Our CC History Taking sessions, One of it as below:

Tag: Ken Wai, Darren, Elijah and Me.

Effects of Exam 1: My Roommate, Ken.

My roommate half asleep or fully asleep, even im not sure...
Things to note: 1. Proteosome, protein
2. Hand Pain, cannot use hand, need one more hour sleep
3. The text book say so
4. You told me the answer not in notes, is it?

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- I dont need to justify this statement in THIS post, its all about it. Living.

June 5, 2009




IM DONE! FIRST MED DONE AND DUSTED! though, it wasn't easy to pull through...


The day i've been waiting for, to get done my second semester with. Phew, boy oh boy, just like hurricane RCSI swept past or something.... Serious crap man.

Now, neeed to go out and breathe fresh air for the second time in two weeks, the first being 2 hours ago when i left for exams.... "A BIG HUGE SIGH, SIGH!"

Dear loves, im free to chat with all of you now, been putting you all off saying i have exams aite, now, Im Done with it. Time to catch up on grandfather stories. Hehehe :)

And PROBABLY, give my blog a makeover :)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.