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December 26, 2009

Where did all the fun go?!

Okay, today christmas just passed.

Managed to catch a movie with my immediate family here in dublin after MUCH MUCH delays from a few of the members! *cough evelyn cough* We watched Yes Man at 11pm... it was a nice movie night i must say. And i dont know whether this is a sign or something (i just read yuns blog on Sign From God kinda thing), Hers was body shop sale, mine is not shopping related... lol.

I just feel like i've lost the fun in life. All soo tied up, stressed out, up tight....  Came back from the movie, read a few blogs, which further was like a sign to me...  Then facebooked a little, and got more signs...

Then i spent some time alone reflecting. The only thing i've been doing is either college work or studying or thinking about studying. Yes, i did go to edinburgh for 3 days, but like, shouldnt fun be consistent?? not a great break and then great work again right?

Today was christmas, and what did i do? i just locked myself up whole day studying... Well, might not have been very productive, but all i did was study. How sad can i be? If not for melissa, i would have been just at home studying more. :( I turned down a Christmas party invite earlier in the week thinking that thats not what i need now, as a party will consume too much of my energy and i'll loose focus and the slow momentum i've gained studying. See! my thoughts were to that extent! This CAN NOT last! this sucks!

Some of my friends went for a movie today after the party, which come to think of it, i considered joining in, but the sole reason, studies made me not succumb to the temptation.

I've also realised i've not been able to spend quality time with my friends back at home, and also here in dublin itself.

And the only thing i can recall thinking off in the past few weeks/month is study and work. my edinburgh trip, manchester trip, london trip, all does NOT come into mind at all. I wonder why... Work overload? worries? maybe. Im anticipating more work, hence preparing to make full use of the time i have now studying...

There is sooo much i would have done if it was the older gan, i turned down soo many events and outings, technically- FUN! i turned down fun. Day and night work or study.

hmmm, and i also realised that my blog is more like a journal and diary. I suddenly seem soooo tight up, like the guy who follows the one straight line and is not willing to deviate even a bit off it - Geek. I cant blog with humor anymore, im so stressed out that its all serious journal like. No emotional additions and feelings to the posts... they're all like.... newspapers?

Where did all the fun go? And yun's christmas card (which was very sweet of her) contained the word president. A further sign? Has my election as president taken out all the fun?? Sucked it all out? Or is this just exam period?? or am i just sick of the work that needs to be done for the society? -that just keeps coming! And im constantly thinking on what work is there to anticipate to not falter in exams, see! more thoughts on work!

Where did all the fun go?!

...sigh, back to notes... :(

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

December 25, 2009

Where Ireland Met Malaysia

Where? Good Shephard Primary School
Occasion? Rakan Muda Secretariat Launch
When? 21st December
Who was present? Mayor of Dun Leghrry, HE Malaysia Ambassador to Ireland, Malaysian Students Department Attache, All Malaysian Societies in Ireland
Event title? Beautiful Malaysia


where...Malaysian Games,

Malaysian Food,

Malaysian Culture,

Malaysian Martial Arts

where all these were presented to the people of this land of leprechauns...

They were truly excited and exuberant. Like the kid below, Check out the Malaysian Flag..And hes IRISH mind you.

And my highlight of the day was THIS:


  Presented an interactive talk to the kids on Malaysia, Healthy Diet, Hygiene, and Culture as "medical doctors"
 I love them, These were year 1 and 2 kids. Meaning about 6-7 years old ones.

I THINK they loved the 3 of us, but i SURELY fell in love with them. Here i come Paedssssssssss! ;)

And im back from-

Cold Edinburgh, Scotland.

Now, back to notes, and Merry Christmas all!!!


One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

December 24, 2009

A Shout out!

This is a shout out to all my blog readers.

Im doing fine but im really busy, really busy with exams especially and also with balancing out extracurricular activities and studies.

Exams is in less then 3 weeks. Hence, i shall go into my shell again and nerd up.

Cheers, will see the sunlight out of this cave at the end of january... :)

Hope everyone is doing great and fine!

And sorry to my dear family for not being able to spend much time talking... I really hope everyone understands. We will catch up soon though! my biological clock is currently kinda screwed up. so yes, please bear with it for a while and await adjustments in a while. hehe. Love you all! :)

To friends, "I'll Be Back ;)"

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

November 30, 2009

My beloved pencil case...

Okay, ive lost my pencil case. no not today, but as of last wednesday that is!

I dont know why, i dont feel like feeling sad. I am, but i think im trying to push the thoughts away...

Its my Pencil case!!!! Had it since secondary School, through A Levels and First Med :(
I think i dropped it in the bus... sigh, i dont think its worth feeling sad, cos i've lost it.
but yet again i just think that theres soo much in my head now that the least i can worry about now is my lost pencil case. sigh.

Sides that, wat i've been up to? Busy as a bee... Realised i dont really have much time off by myself. Need to be doing this.
And im loaded with project works from boring articles research to something new like early patient contact. and also have one of the biggest event for the malaysians at rcsi coming up- PMC Farewell..
Loads of things going around me... And i thank god i have the support, energy and stamina to pull through all this. Thank You!

Thank You All...

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

November 18, 2009

What if there were no computers?

As i do my project work past the wee hours of the morning (3.15am), i just had a random thought, how would it be like if we didnt have computers and laptops...

1. No internet, need library, need to read TEXT books to do project, cant do last minute work because libraries close at 11pm and open at 8am only.
2. No music to keep you going for Long Hours,
3. No friends to chat with to keep you company.
4. No entertaintment breaks such as youtube, facebook, blogging (like what im doing now!), twitter, etc.
5. Cannot multitask, cant do emails, and project at the same time.
6. A Very painful wrist, tubes of liquid paper used up

And this is just for One Night! Just for the Project...

Sigh, Thank God for it! we have become so dependent on this electronically advanced metal box.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

November 15, 2009


I need your arms around me,
tightly hugging me ,
as always you are to me,
loving and caring indeed.

I need you to have my back,
always there to pull me up back,
as always you are to me,
loving and caring indeed.

it may seem like the world has turned its back,
but i know,
its not the world,
its just me.

your hands wraped around mine,
always there giving warmth to mine,
this is one of those times,
i need you with me.

confidence is stuttering,
get me standing,
and show me that life is glittering,
this is one of those times,
i need you with me.

oh my darling great friends...
and my dear God.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

November 11, 2009

Humbly Requiring Your support to serve you‏- PMCSA

Below is my Manifesto for the ongoing PMCSA (Malaysian Soc.) RCSI Elections. Only members are eligible to vote...

Dear Friends,
Salam Sejathera! A very Good Day! Da jia hao! Nal Valzhtukal!

My name is Ganesan Palaniappan and i will be running for Presidency in the current ongoing PMCSA RCSI 2009/10 Elections.
I certainly do hope to get your support for the elections in the form of your vote.

You may have read my personal statement, so this is going to be a little more different. But i assure you, the below are the highlights of my Visions:
1. To integrate Everyone together, PMCSA IS FOR ALL!!!! MARA, JPA, Self Sponsored, Internationals! All!!!
2. To start off bonding works with PMCSA UCD and take it seriously.

Ok, the bulk of the questions i have been getting is "HOW?" im going to carry out my term.

First of all, i am going to continue the Rebranding of our PMCSA RCSI. Started by Mehul, and carried out in two phases. He wishes to have both his phases continue on parallelly and with me being on the same outgoing committee (team) as him, i assure you i share the same visions as him. I also do urge you to share the same trust in me that you did with him and his top committees, i need all your Full Support with me as well.

Secondly, in continuation to Mehul's Plans, i will next carry out steps to COMPLEMENT the plan. My Plans will revolve around 2 things which have not been stressed on yet:
1. Education (Freshers Guide to RCSI Galaxy was the idea i initiated and i was also the PMCSA Project Manager for the IMAM-PMCSA Clinical Case Comp.)
2. Sports

Ofcourse, i will also continue to enhance all the plans that have already been set up by the previous committee.

In the previous active term, we have been greatly involved with welfare of the members, and its about time to step it up to achieve more as a student family. I also believe that Sports and Education can further integrate all members of the societies as - Sports and Education is a mutual language to all. I wish not to bore you with minute details of the above plans, but certainly, if you would like to know, do feel free to contact me.

And to some who might have misunderstood my intentions to run as a team, i would like to highlight the points below:

1. I want people who have FULL commitment and share the same VISIONS as me (mentioned above). Some people just talk a lot for the sake of getting the post prior to the elections. But then after the elections their flame to work for the society dies off.
I assure you this will NOT happen to the people on my team, as i have already obtained their promised words and enthusiasm.
2. To bring out potentially talented student leaders who are not aware of PMCSA (and the fact that it is open for all).
3. I am not asking you to vote blindly for those on my team, instead i am just highlighting the names for you. These are the people whom i personally think are as dedicated as i am and i strongly urge you to certainly consider them. Do enquire on them, and if you think you share the same views as me, do vote for them.
4. Im NOT SAYING that "i do not wish to work with the people whom are not in my Team". Honestly speaking, all those running for elections this time are all equally talented people. ALL! As a future student leader, i would like to stress that i am willing to work with anyone!

On a personal Note:
It would be my ultimate goal to place PMCSA on the Society of The Year Board in college. I really hope i do gain your support and trust in achieving this.
And next of all, is to integrate everyone. If you have not realised this, my team consists of all races and represents all groups equally, from self sponsored, to MARA, and to JPA. This i hope will portray my visions in integration. 1 Malaysia.

Last but not least,
Do join the facebook group that we have set up:

and the voting CLOSES on THURSDAY AT 9PM. There are 2 more days for voting!!!! So, do Cast your VOTES PEOPLE!!!!
Its in your hands to pick the future of the society! Thank You!

In hope of your Support,
Ganesan Palaniappan,
Presidency Candidate of PMCSA RCSI
for the 2009/10 General Elections.

Each Opinion Matters!! Each Criticism is treasured!! Every Vote Counts!! We are here for You, we need your Trust- in the form of VOTES! 

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

October 30, 2009

Its Time...

Ok, lets face it, i did know my stuff which i got wrong, but then still, i just wasnt good enough this time around. Should have put in more time on the stuff, i blame no one but myself and myself only.
Its time to step up, with the huge pile of responsibilities due on me, i have to. Its time... And i shall...

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

October 27, 2009

Manchester United Vs Everton (21st November 2009)

Yeap, Got Them!!!!!!!!!!!





One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

October 16, 2009

Summer 09 - Dublin, equally Funful! :)

And Sooo with summer back in dublin for 3 weeks, i had an awesome time, as awesome as the one back in malaysia as in my previous picture post, however this time around i had to be finding for houses during this period, that kept me really busy. 9 to 7 daily.

Nevertheless, the fun bit... :


























































What the girls prepared on my first night here... 






And that brings us to............

Okay guys, thats a wrap!

Now its back to the new sem, been slow and easy so far, but theres still alot to be done.

Moving on... Autumn... :

 (the very same park and road as my first picture in this post, watch it transform...)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.