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December 24, 2010

Yeap, Its still Alive... :D

Feeling really "bleah..." at the moment, guess its the studying thats exhausting the brain. And thought i'd drop a short post here to let everyone know that i hope to get the blog back to its previous glory very soon with updates going back for 6 months etc.

The latest update is that i'll be home on Feb 21st, experiencing 33 degrees celcius and hot tropical weather.

Its freezing cold here, and its not stopped snowing in a week! Heavy too! its like walking on 7/11 slurpee all around dublin. Just that its not green but brown. With just discovering that both pair of shoes i own having a hole each on the right pair freezes the toes as you stamp into puddles of water and then ice. Fingers cannot even write in the library cause its frozen!

Studyings been hard and intense which im happy off, but theres a long way to go. I shall strive hard to achieve the goals i've set. I miss my H1s! time to work smarter and harder, with gods grace i shall. :)

Not too sure when my next post will be, but i tweet often, could find me on twitter- ganesan1989. :)

Cheers guys! Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy Happy New Year!!!!! :D

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

July 4, 2010

Picture Post =)

Some pictures for the moment :) Hopefully more up soon!! cleaning up my desktop, so decided to post some along the way :)

Sides that, im busy watching World Cup South Africa 2010 and going on a week long movie marathon. Along with house chores in between :)

JPA Officer visit, Cik Afidah Arshad. Very nice lady.

EVE and JAZZYs 22nd and 21st respectively at a Mexican Restaurant:


Eve and Jaz :)

International Food Night 2010

Same ol' same ol'

Booth set up 

Short vs Tall... 

Bucking Bronco! :) wooohooo!!!!

Here in ireland, everything is by pint and guiness, even Hot Chocolate with Whipped cream too ;)

An Evening In Penang:

Dearest :)

Limerick Archery Intravarsity:

On the train there to meet up with the rest.

'The rest' over dinner

My bed at the B&B

B&B is bed and breakfast, and this is the breakfast :) well a part of it.

Milk Market means Pasar Pagi

I love this pic.. :)

Wei Li, Cat, and Azmi

Archery Club Captain


Beautiful Limerick

Half the Archery Team

The Full Squad.


More to come, "Hopefully" hehe.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

May 21, 2010

I'm Embarrased.

Either that i have never been this embarrassed before, or I've not been put in such great position of responsibility over a society aspiring to be the society of the year.

For someone who keeps promoting Malaysia and our culture, i just took one great blow in front of a small crowd of leaders and friends.

I'm embarrassed, it might have been the childish side of those responsible or it could have been the alcohol or maybe even the exam stress.

Somehow i saw all eyes falling on those around me and then eventually onto me ending with a frown.

At such a grand event where the Vice Dean of the college was present, its really sad to see such things, never mind the crowd size.
Words spread, fast.

Its even harder when some of it is from those whom you're just so close to you cant say "No" or "enough".
Some may not be from your society, which makes it worse, you have No rights to say No.
I really thought you guys would understand your position and mine too...

I don't know about you guys, but certainly as president of a prestiged society, which has been built to this level thanks to all our efforts and our predecessors most importantly, this is just unacceptable.
Its ok to take, take as much as you want, but do it gracefully.

I'm sorry for not saying the right things. Actions i needed to take, i didn't. Which is my fault, my embarrassment was my own fault. I should have done something, not just sit and stare. I've learnt alot today... i hope you all will too.. that's all i hope for.

If you realise what I'm saying, then work harder with me to bring this society to greater heights and make up for this.

And to my predecessors and beloved members, I'm sorry for this.

This may be an over blown picture in your eyes, but to be one of the 13 ambassadors a society of 300 members, one that has one third of the student unions yearly financial budget, one that is highly respected by all other societies, one that was specially granted 25 seats for an event, one that can get whatever we wish from college done, to be of such a great society, its hard to take for me.. to be leading it, you imagine.

I'm Embarrassed.

PS: I'm a social drinker, but ever wondered why i don't drink in events of such? or at most just a glass or two? give it a thought.

PS2: Dashing over 10 metres to get 4 cans of beer and to dash back and stuff it in your bag, and give some to the ladies, and to do it a few times somemore, sorry i just dont find it cool, nor macho.

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

May 12, 2010

Happy Mothers Day- Amma :)

Murugapan Palaniappan

"There has been one time too many that i have yelled, been upset with, ignored, made you mad.But despite all..You still forgive and return you shower me with love and care..No soul in this world can match all you have done.. Love the new dishes you cook, just to make me happy..Though its a variation of thosai most of the time...It still sure is good...Love you so much My dear Amma"

-Facebook 8th of May 2010- For all his friends and for the whole world to see... your eldest son-

Yeap, Thats what brother wrote :) hehe... Im Quoting him without his permission. He doesnt know about this.. hehe.

And by the way my dear mother, i CERTAINLY HOPE that appa showed you the text i sent at 12am sharp your time on Mothers Day....

And based on the number of Mothers day post and wishes and cakes we've had so far, dad is going to be jealous. hehe. Dont worry appa, we love you loads too!!!!!!!! :)
PS: Mom, i think brother wants more then varieties of thosai. i THINK that was a subtle hint. hehehe :p

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it- On mothers day, with your mom if you can :)

April 12, 2010

Poem In a Go

Oh Look! Who goes there?
Look at him, with such flare!
He loads d arrow,n lifts his bow,
And all around him stare at this great show :
The Cow shoots his cousin - The Bull in the eye!!

-Poem In a Go-
Nope, i didnt write this... a Dear friend of mine did :)

Archery IV- University of Limerick (NUI)

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.

April 4, 2010

A Month (or two) of Updates *guilty look*

Influenced by songs.... Spent the whole night catching up on all the english songs i failed to discover in the year or so.. :(

This is proving to certainly be a tough sem. Im almost always in the library... come home everynight and watch a movie online then hit the bed. Thats my routine so far and so it shall be for the next few weeks to go. One more month plus left till exams, and everyones going crazy here! sigh, RCSI...

Though i am most certainly enjoying studying these stuff, very interesting, its what i submitted my medical school application for! "Why is it this disease and not that?" Hmmm, since he has this, this, that, and this, that means he should have THAT!, No?! no wait, but hes results show this, this and that! hmmm, tough tough"

Yes, thats hell loads to remember! As an aspiring to be doctor, i always wondered as an immature high school teen, how do the doctors actually remember alllll the diseases and signs and symptoms and all???!!!
wellllll........ guess what? i've gotten my answer... The Hard Way! Memory Memory and More Memory! Everything.

A random thought i had in the library, why would they Not invent a computerised systems for doctors, where by they see the symptoms that the patient has, and then the signs they examined, and then the lab results, and wala, Bang! you have the Diagnosis, or atleast a Differential Diagnosis? (a few possible outcomes) no? Afterall, all the information is in our lecture notes online already, whats hard in copy paste into the "system"? Makes doctors lives much less stressed? lesser errors? afterall there is always a high percent of error in all human work. And computers are very much reliable now right?? Hmmm... Food for thought, though im sure its already been thought about. Bro, take note? work on it? haha :p

On a side note, I Let go a 65 euro college ball, was just a tad too expensive i guess.

Whatelse i've not posted.. hmmm. AH! RCSI International Night 2010. We didnt win it, but my personal opinion i think we put a show good enough to win ANY International Night. Still, not too sure what the judges were looking for. Oh Well, To me, We're still winners at our hearts, the bonds that were formed during practices and rehearsals will sail through for a life time, i know it :) Love you guys, ALL!
Better luck to the team Next Year! :)

RCSI International Night 2010 Lion dance practice... :) Great job guys!

Had A Malaysian Soc. committee pot-luck cum meeting, which i have to say, got a full attendance for the first time! Food Unites us all, doesnt it :) The Magic...

Played "murderer" with the best way we could all put our brains together for, and still had loads of fun with some of my fun loving friends...

Spent alot of money lately, eating cheap food over library breaks, have had little or no time too cook, or i just get a lil too lazy for a wholesome meal. :(

And this is certainly turning out to be a monthly update newsletter on how gan is getting along. LoL!

Mr. & Mrs Ambassador and PMCSA RCSI VPs :) at the Ambassadors farewell at Hilton Hotel, Dublin.

Evelyn, On the night of her first ballad session, proud of you :)

O'Flannagen Lecture Theatre, Ballad session, Evelyn's first performance up there. Medical school students are the most talented i've seen, they know how to mug, AND RAWK!! Go evelyn! :)

Inside the O2 Concert Hall Dublin, Lady Gaga Dublin.

Queuing up for Lady Gaga Concert..

My lovely juniors and my great camwhoring skills. They challenged me to fit as many ppl as i can. And so i did, pretty well too :P And i better start taking pictures with the guys too... before things start. lol.

Bye Bye Mehul :(

He almost killed me for spoiling his surprise... :( Sorry bro.

Wai Kits Not So Surprise b'day party :)

I love my bow and arrows- Box 11 :)

Cat, A few weeks senior archer to me :p

Your Friendly Next Door Robin Hood ?? :)

I love this picture.. loads. :)



Beaumont Hospital Adventures... We ALL catch up on sleep at some time of the week.

International Night Meeting 2am, Millin Basement. Team Malaysia

Before & After
My new second hand chair from a leaving senior. :)

The O2 Concert Hall

Fred, A Twin i know.

Lady Gaga: RAWR!!!!!

Cheers lads, till my next post. :)

Aiming For the Bullseye In Life but firstly- in exams ;) 
Lines Open, Fire!

One Life, One Love, Enjoy Every Bit of it.